All-New 2021 BMW 4 Series Flaunts Its Massive Grille

All-New 2021 BMW 4 Series Flaunts Its Massive Grille

The all-new BMW 4 Series has finally been unveiled. It remains faithful to the striking Concept 4, which means the giant grille has also been carried over.

Good news! The BMW 4 Series remains faithful to the Concept 4. Unfortunately (for some people at least), the large kidney grilles have been carried over. The all-new BMW 4 Series finally made its debut after its front end was leaked back in February. As the coupe (and upcoming convertible) version of the 3 Series sports sedan, the German automaker wanted to make the 4 Series a lot more distinct than its sedan sibling. In doing so, BMW’s designers have opted to fit their latest coupe with a massive kidney grille, which has been the main talking point of this car.

2021 BMW M440i xDrive Exterior

2021 BMW M440i xDrive Exterior

The gigantic interpretation of BMW’s signature and iconic kidney grille may not be to everyone’s taste, but at least it has done its job of making the 4 Series look more than just a 3 Series with two fewer doors. Thankfully, the rest of the car looks more conventional–sleeker even to some degree compared to the previous 4 Series. Unlike recent BMWs, the 4 Series features less character lines, giving it a cleaner and smoother side profile. The roofline has been made smoother and lower, while the signature L-shaped LED taillights now have a dark tint outside the red LEDs. This has been the taillight signature of recent BMWs and it seems every model will now carry this design language.

2021 BMW M440i xDrive Interior

As for the interior, it unsurprisingly matches the overall design of the 3 Series, though the German automaker implemented a few material improvements to make it more luxurious and premium compared to its sedan sibling. As standard, the 4 Series is equipped with the BMW Live Cockpit Plus, which works in conjunction with the latest iDrive 7 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As shown in the press photos is the M440i xDrive with the optional BMW Live Cockpit Professional and a more powerful version of iDrive 7 with a bigger screen.

Under the hood of the all-new BMW 4 Series are a plethora of petrol and diesel engine choices. The range kicks off with the 420i and 420d–both of which are 2.0-liters in displacement and produces 184 hp and 190 hp, respectively. There’s also a 430i which uses the same 2.0-liter turbo petrol as the 420i but produces more power and torque at 258 hp and 400 Nm. Meanwhile, the 430d gets a 3.0-liter inline-6 turbo diesel engine that produces 265 hp and 580 Nm of torque.

The top of the range is the M440i xDrive and M440d xDrive, at least for now before the high-performance M4 arrives. Both come with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6 in petrol or diesel. The M440i xDrive produces 374 hp and 500 Nm of torque while the M440d xDrive produces 340 hp and a whopping 700 Nm of torque. Zero to 100 kph is achieved in 4.2 seconds for the M440i xDrive and 4.6 seconds for the M440d xDrive.

As with every modern car nowadays, the BMW 4 Series can be fitted with a plethora of semi-autonomous driver-assist systems, ranging from full-speed adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, among other features.

The BMW 4 Series is expected to go on sale globally this October. The convertible and four-door GranCoupe will follow suit in just a few months from now.

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