Take A Look At IMPENETRA's Vehicle Armoring Solutions

Take A Look At IMPENETRA’s Vehicle Armoring Solutions

See the lightweight vehicle armoring modifications that IMPENETRA can implement in a typical SUV such as a Toyota Fortuner.

IMPENETRA ARMOR PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS (IMPENETRA), a company based in Bacoor, Cavite, provides armored protection and lightweight vehicle armoring.

Take A Look At IMPENETRA's Vehicle Armoring Solutions

Their current armoring protection program can equip SUVs such as the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and Nissan Terra. Pick-ups can also be fitted with bulletproof protection such as the Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux. IMPENETRA is also offering ballistic protection for vans and MPVs such as the Kia Grand Carnival and Toyota Hiace. 

IMPENETRA’s array of bulletproofing, armoring, and personal protective equipment are battlefield-tested and have been certified by the Comite European de Normalisation 1063 (CEN 1063). IMPENETRA’s ballistic protection meets EU Standards BR6, BR4, and Road Rage protection. Level BR6 protects the occupants from assault rifles and handguns of up to .44 magnum. 

Lightweight composite ballistic panels are used in IMPENETRA’s vehicle armoring solutions, which means that despite the added protection, there is no dramatic increase in weight. This also means that no suspension and powertrain upgrades are needed to maintain the vehicle’s performance, thus keeping costs down. The best part about IMPENETRA’s armored vehicles is that these modifications are designed to blend in with your car’s stock design

Aside from vehicle armoring, IMPENETRA also offers armored vehicle maintenance, leasing services for bulletproof vehicles, armored vehicle maintenance and aftersales parts, tactical personal protective solutions, and vehicle performance upgrade for safety solutions. 

For details visit IMPENETRA’s Facebook @impenetraPH or log on to www.impenetraph.com or call 0917-6363824/0920-9101111

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