MG PH Offers Exclusive Perks, Discounts To Frontline Workers

MG PH Offers Exclusive Perks, Discounts To Frontline Workers

The MG Forward With All Front Liners promo offers discounts and exclusive perks front liners and other essential workers.

MG Philippines acknowledges the work and the sacrifices put in by these modern-day heroes. As a way to celebrate and give thanks, all MG-owning front liners and essential workers will receive exclusive perks. These include a 20 percent discount on parts, labor, and access to a priority lane completely dedicated to service front liners and essential workers.  

Likewise, MG Philippines also announces its latest sales promo called “MG Forward With All Front Liners.” This is also MG’s way of saying thank you to those who–despite the threat of the coronavirus–carry on and fulfill their roles for everyone’s benefit. With this latest promo, front liners and essential workers (as well as their family members) gain access to competitive zero or low downpayment options. There are also generous cash discounts on select MG cars. 

“We are all facing numerous challenges brought about by COVID-19, and this has led us all to find ways to live through and adjust to these unprecedented circumstances. And while we are all waiting for the vaccine and the cure, we witness the invaluable efforts of our front liners and essential workers, whose dedication to protect and assist us give us the hope to drive forward,” says Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla, President, and CEO of MG Philippines. “With this program we hope to impart our sincere appreciation for all that our front liners and essential workers do, and we salute them for remaining vigilant and dedicated during these challenging times.” 

Here is a full list of MG models with their respective low down payment or cash discount offers for the MG Forward With All Front Liners promo: 

MG Forward With All Front Liners Promo

MG Philippines is also using this opportunity to announce its new MG Live Chat Support: an innovative communication tool that quickly connects customers to accredited MG Philippines consultants for any MG-related inquiries. 

MG Live Chat Support on both desktop and mobile versions of is staffed by MG Philippines consultants on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Enter your query in the chatbox and expect a real-time response after just a few moments. MG Live Chat Support is also fully functioning after work hours and on weekends. Simply enter your contact details and your inquiries, and you can expect a reply on the next workday.

MG Live Chat Support may also be used to schedule your next visit to the MG dealership of your choice, whether this is to take a closer look at the cars and to go on a test drive, or to have your MG serviced. Customers may also set a schedule by visiting and clicking on the phone number of the dealership you wish to visit.

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