Ever Wondered What The Inside Of A Moving Tire Looks Like?
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Ever Wondered What The Inside Of A Moving Tire Looks Like?

A YouTube channel named Warped Perception has done just that. The video gives viewers a satisfying view of how the inside of a moving tire looks like.

This is probably one of those things we never thought we ever wanted to know. Have you ever wondered how exactly does the inside of a moving tire look like? Well, fellow Go Flat Out PH viewers, today is your lucky day.

A YouTube channel called the Warped Perception followed a suggestion from a viewer who is just as curious as us to find out what a moving tire looks like from the inside. To find out, a GoPro was mounted on the rims along with a light and a battery. The wheel containing the GoPro was mounted on the front right side of a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG.

The host then goes on to driving the V8-powered luxury sports sedan at various speeds. You can hear the debris that is trapped inside the tire, along with rumbling noises. The camera’s positioning shows a satisfying clip as the tires deform whenever it makes contact with the ground.¬†Never have we been so satisfied at seeing how the inside of a tire looks like until now.

Expectedly, the interior of the tire becomes more chaotic as the host drove the E55 AMG even more enthusiastically. The tires deform even more and the noises are much louder. The host tries to push the car’s tires to its limits by making a sudden left turn. It is at this moment when the tires deformed to a point that the GoPro got in contact with the tire itself.

Surprisingly, the GoPro kept its position throughout this exercise, especially considering that the tire is most likely unbalanced as a result of the unevenly distributed weight caused by the camera. Nevertheless, this video that showcases the inside of a moving tire was able to extremely satisfy our curiosity. We just wish that the host cleaned his greasy hands while handling his smartphone and German luxury sports sedan.

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