Here's The Facelifted 2021 Toyota Innova Before You're Supposed To See It

Here’s The Facelifted 2021 Toyota Innova Before You’re Supposed To See It

The 2021 Toyota Innova has been caught out in the open in various countries in the region, signifying that its launch could happen soon.

The second-generation Toyota Innova has been with us for quite a while now, which means the popular MPV is due for a facelift. However, it seems we don’t have to wait any longer as the refreshed 2021 Toyota Innova was caught out in the open in various countries.

2021 Toyota Innova Spied

These first set of photos, which were posted by and, were allegedly taken at a Toyota dealership in Vietnam right out in the open. From here, we could see that the Innova gains an SUV-inspired front fascia. The front grille looks similar to what the 2021 Toyota Hilux G variants offer, while the lower front fascia features a black lower grille and black housings for the foglights. There’s also a set of new two-tone alloy wheels that give the Innova a sportier look. The sides and rear of the Innova seem to remain unchanged for the 2021 model year.

2021 Toyota Innova Leaked

These next set of photos come from¬†and showcases the facelifted Innova being compared side-by-side with the current model. This time, it appears to be the higher V variant, based on the badging and projector-type LED headlamps. The alloy wheels are also the same for this 2.4 V variant we see here. Oh, and while other countries get a smaller 2.4-liter diesel engine, our market utilizes a detuned version of the Fortuner 4×4 V’s 2.8-liter diesel engine.

2021 Toyota Innova Interior

As for interior changes, it appears to remain relatively the same, at least on the limited photos that we have. Based on the manual AC controls, the Innova that was caught in Vietnam is probably an E variant, though surprisingly, their market gets electronic stability control even on the lower variants.

It is still unknown whether the 2021 Toyota Innova will receive any engine upgrades just like in the Fortuner and Hilux on which it shares its platform. Here in the Philippines, the Innova utilizes the aforementioned 2.8-liter diesel engine or a 2.0-liter gasoline engine.

With these photos, it’s probably safe to say that the 2021 Toyota Innova’s official unveiling is just around the corner.

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