Mercedes-Benz PH Offers Up To P500,000 In Discounts This October

Mercedes-Benz PH Offers Up To P500,000 In Discounts This October

Mercedes-Benz's Stellar Deals includes discounts on the A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, GLC, and V-Class available for the whole month.

Enjoy Mercedes-Benz’s Stellar Deals this October and avail of savings you cannot resist including 0% interest rate, low monthly amortization, low down payment, or cash discounts of up to P500,000. All of these are packed with freebies to seal the deal. 

If you are up for a powerful, yet stylish and elegant car, the Mercedes-Benz C180 could surely be among the best bets on your list. Its aerodynamic design is responsible for smooth driving. It is responsive and muscular enough to drive up even the steep inclines with ample confidence. Still on the plus side is the fact that it is easily maneuverable even on very narrow lanes, making it an ideal vehicle while driving in congested city streets.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class portrays style, status, and exclusivity with class and progression. Powerfully convincing result of the new Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, it is the embodiment of ultra-modern stylishness and refined sportiness. Its design unifies modest elegance yet powerful presence in every line. This comes complete with infotainment and control systems that offer an all-new experience. The sum of its innovations, including the ATTENTION ASSIST which detects typical symptoms of drowsiness on the basis of driver behavior and alerts the driver to increasing fatigue and inattention makes the E-Class the most intelligent saloon in the executive class. 

The versatility of the V-Class ensures that the driver and all passengers will always enjoy the pleasure of traveling with its ample space inside. The seating can be configured to fit up to 7 people without sacrificing luxury with various combinations of individual seats as well as 3-passenger bench seats. It provides room for more, and for whatever you would need to take with you and your group on a trip. No less than top quality materials facilitate overall interior comfort. Also a trendsetter in terms of overall safety, it comes with assistance and security systems that can provide much-needed support to the driver in dire driving conditions and situations. 

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