The New CST CM619 Is An Affordable Motorcycle Tire Perfect For Highways

The new CST CM619 is an affordable motorcycle tire that's perfect for those who ride on urban confines and on high-speed roads.

Cheng Shin Tire (CST), the largest manufacturer of motorcycle tires in the world, bids 2020 goodbye with the launch of its latest tire offering for moto street bike riders — the CST CM619. 

The CM619, a Motorcycle Street Tire, features a tread design and composition perfect for moto street bike riders who primarily drive on an urban road network but occasionally take on high speed touring. 

The CM619 boasts traction, stability, and endurance. It has a circumferential main groove that supports efficient directional control during high-speed cornering while mitigating strain and cracking on the middle tread during high-speed banking. For efficient and excellent control, the CM619 comes with calibrated and well-positioned sipes on the shoulder, thereby boosting overall stability especially during cornering and banking.

This new tire from CST is made to stand the test of time with an intersection structure design that supports a high-binding force for the tire casing to prevent unwanted deformation. The reinforced design on the sidewall also improves casing strength, allowing the controlled flexing of the sidewall and prolonging tire life. 

The tire’s high-strength carcass material further ensures casing durability. The CM619’s reinforced bead structure prevents the tire from detaching from the wheel or rim during high-speed straights and cornering runs. 

“Filipino moto street bikers deserve tires that can withstand the road conditions of their highway-terrain adventures. With the launch of the CM619, riders can enjoy high-quality tire traction, stability, and endurance without denting their pocket,” shares CST Tires Director of Sales and Business Development Jaybee Atanacio.

The CM619 comes in six sizes: 60/80 – 17 CM619 TT, 70/80 – 17 CM619 TT, 80/80 – 17, CM619 TT, 90/80 – 17 CM619 TT, 100/80 – 17 CM619 TT and 90/90 – 17 CM619 TL. Buyers of two CM619 tires from October 1 to December 31 will be able to take home an exclusive CST washable face mask and drawstring bag. Customers may avail of the promo in 37 participating tire stores nationwide. 

Quality, integrity, and service are the very foundation of CST, from top management to the factory floor and beyond. Every CST product is made using world-class manufacturing equipment, innovative technology, and stringent process with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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