2021 Honda PCX 160 And PCX e:HEV Hybrid Debuts In Japan

2021 Honda PCX 160 And PCX e:HEV Hybrid Launched In Japan

Honda has just unveiled two new scooters. The Honda PCX 160 features a bigger engine while the new PCX e:HEV features a hybrid powertrain.

When Honda released the new PCX 125 in the U.K. just a month ago, many were intrigued by the rumors that a new Honda PCX 150 is coming out soon. About a month later, Honda Japan released not just a new PCX 150, but an overall upgrade: the all-new Honda PCX 160. On top of this, they also released a new hybrid model called the PCX e:HEV.

2021 Honda PCX 160

The PCX 160’s single-cylinder engine has four valves and has a Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) design. It’s also liquid cooled and has a displacement of 156 cc. It has an all new exhaust system, making it more efficient and responsive. Honda also redesigned its air intake, resulting to better airflow for enhanced performance.  It also adopted a hydraulic cam chain tensioner lifter, where both friction reduction and noise and vibration suppression are achieved at the same time.

One of its most noticeable changes is its LCD Panel Gauge. It features a brand-new layout that comes with a newly adopted Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Honda Selectable Torque Control system detects slip and then limits the engine torque by modulating the fuel injection. The HSTC has three levels of intervention and it can also be disabled. Aside from that, the Honda PCX 160 features new LED headlights and a redesigned frame that gives the new PCX a sportier look. The storage compartment has also been enlarged from an already-generous 28 liters to 30.4 liters. The PCX 160 now comes with an optional top box, called the “top Box 35L Smart Key System Type”. By linking with the Honda SMART Key system, the top box can be unlocked more conveniently.

The PCX 160’s wheels have also been enlarged, now featuring 110/70-14 (Front) and 130/70-13 (Rear); a huge difference from its 100/80-14 and 120/70-14. Both front and rear wheels feature disc brakes but only the front ones have ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).

2021 Honda PCX e:HEV

On the other hand, the new PCX e:HEV (or PCX Hybrid) is powered by a water-cooled 124 cc engine with ACG Motor Assist. Honda claims that its engine that comes with Honda’s eSP+ and the lithium-ion battery improves low-end torque and throttle response while still remaining quiet. Two modes are available: D mode and S mode. “D mode” assists the rider for riding comfortability while “S mode” enhances sportiness.

The PCX 160 comes in 4 color variants: Pearl Jasmine White, Candy Raster Red, Poseidon Black Metallic, and Matte Dim Gray Metallic. The PCX e:HEV only has one–a slightly different version of Pearl Jasmine White.

The PCX 160 is priced at 407,000 yen (around PHP188,000) while the PCX e:HEV is priced at 448,800 yen (around PHP207,000). For now, these two new models are destined to go on sale first in Japan on January 28, 2021.

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