VW's "Voltswagen" Was Just A Marketing Stunt After All

VW’s “Voltswagen” Was Just A Marketing Stunt After All

It seems Voltswagen won't be happening anytime soon as this was all just a marketing stunt to bring attention to its electric vehicles.

Yesterday, we wrote news about Volkswagen of America changing its name to Voltswagen. The company even mistakenly posted a press release supposedly dated on April 29, 2021, but that was since deleted. It turns out, this was all just a marketing stunt.

“We didn’t mean to mislead anyone,” a Volkswagen spokesman from Germany told The Wall Street Journal. “The whole thing is just a marketing action to get people talking about the ID.4.”

By changing the brand to Voltswagen on April Fools, the marketing stunt aimed to highlight Volkswagen’s lineup of new electric vehicles. Obviously, this whole marketing stunt backfired and created confusion.

CNBC was able to capture the story yesterday before the press release has been deleted. The “Voltswagen” name was supposed to be placed on the exterior of VW’s new line of electric vehicles (EVs) such as the ID.4 and ID.3 while the combustion engine vehicles will continue to feature the redesigned “VW” logo.

Ever since the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has become aggressive at correcting its past by aggressively moving towards a future of EVs. The all-new ID.3 and ID.4 is just the first wave of dedicated EVs that the German automaker will be releasing in the next few years. Both of these vehicles ride on the company’s new MEB dedicated EV platform, which will also underpin its future wave of EVs.

As the German automaker eventually transitions to EVs, the company announced they will eventually end the development of the internal combustion engine. A huge buzz is definitely what the company needed in order for their EVs to get noticed, but as it seems, this Voltswagen stunt obviously backfired.

In the next few years, Volkswagen will eventually stop developing internal combustion engines. By 2030, EVs will make up 70 percent of the company’s sales in Europe and 50 percent in China and the United States.

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