You Can Now Accessorize Your Jeep Gladiator Starting At P162K

Jeep Gladiator owners can now accessorize their trucks with these Jeep genuine accessories. The package starts at P162,000.

Jeep Philippines is happy to announce the availability of a wide range of accessories for the Gladiator. Since its release back in July 2020, a number of Jeep Gladiator Sport and Rubicon owners have modified their rides. As such, Jeep Philippines is offering a host of original Jeep accessories to spruce up their rides.

If ever you plan to modify and customize your exterior, here are a few tips you might want to consider: 


An ensemble looks put together when it’s in one shade or hue. Always be cautionary of the difference between metal grey and olive-grey, they might be in the same shade, but in the different family of the RGB scale. 

An alternative would be choosing complimentary colors. It’s nice to dive back into the basics and get familiarized with the color wheel. If you’re bold enough to take the risk, try venturing to its maximum tertiary blend.

Also, accents and ratios of the color variants should be carefully placed. 


May it be Stripes, the Hexagonal print, or the Bonnet Decal – 1941 Design, it’s great to explore the multifaceted variations. Jeep Philippines suggest when combining different patterns, it looks cohesive when it’s either all in the same color block or in the complementary color wheel. 

Textures can make or break a look. These can make the Gladiator look more refined but also can easily make the whole look unpleasant, depending on the materials you will be using. 

Fun Fact! There are some little easter eggs printed all over the Jeep Gladiator. Take a photo and tag Jeep Philippines on their social media accounts (Facebook: Jeep Philippines, Instagram: @jeepph).


You Can Now Accessorize Your Jeep Gladiator Starting At P162K

It’s all in the details. Even the simplest look can make any ensemble stand out just by having the right accessories. May it be lifting the Fender, adding the Front Air Deflector (Bonnet Protector), or strategically protecting your front with a Skid plate. There are so many things you can do when you own the only customizable trail-rated pick-up there is in the market!

And just about the right time to get your accessories on since Jeep Philippines is offering exclusive sets for your Gladiator!

Starting off with the Basic set, customize your Gladiator with a running board, 7-inch LED headlamps and a 4-inch LED DRL fog lamp – all for P162,000. You can keep your Gladiator looking sleek but also off-road ready with this set.

But if you’re feeling a bit more advanced, you can opt to get set B which also includes the 7-inch LED headlamps and a 4-inch LED DRL fog lamp plus rear and front grab handles, steel front bumper, and removable rack kit, all for P174,000. If you need that little help for all the adventures you’ll be doing all weekend, this set is for you.

All accessories come with a 1-year warranty from your Jeep dealership. 

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