2021 BMW R nineT Arrives In PH With P995K Starting Price

2021 BMW R nineT Lineup Arrives In PH With P995K Starting Price

The 2021 BMW R nineT lineup is now on sale in the Philippines and at a starting price of P995,000.

The BMW R nineT has made many motorcycle enthusiasts such as myself fall in love with it ever since it was released in 2013. It wasn’t just simply a roadster. Rather, it was usually one of the highlights in motorcycle shows, with how much customization it presents. After it was released, many different variants of it followed. The BMW R nineT Urban G/S, R nine T Scrambler, and the R nineT Pure; each made for different purposes. Today, BMW Motorrad Philippines unveils the 2021 BMW R nineT, which gets a host of improvements technically and visually.

2021 BMW R nineT Philippines

To start it all off, BMW Motorrad has modified its boxer engine. It has gone to technical and visual tuning to meet Euro 5 requirements. As such, it now produces 109 hp at 7,250 RPM versus the previous model’s 110 hp at 7750 RPM, but its torque remains at 116 Nm at 6,000 RPM. To add, its modified full-body power and added torque curve have given the new R nine T more pulling power at ranges of about 4,000 to 6,000 rpm. They also added newly designed cylinder heads and other valve parts to give a better aesthetic look.

The 2021 BMW R nineT has also made a huge leap in its safety features. Now, even the standard versions of the R nine T now feature ABS Pro in combination with DBC (Dynamic Brake Control), ensuring that it keeps you safe even on wet roads and tight curves. It also has a new shock absorber that comes with travel-dependent damping. The modes Rain and Road now also comes in the standard versions. 

2021 BMW R nineT Philippines

The classic circular instrument panel is still present but now comes with newly designed dials that feature the BMW logo and illuminated lights that are technically invisible when not illuminated. As usual, the R nine T models come with headlamps with white indicators in LED. There’s also USB charging socket as part of the standard equipment of the R nineT.

Now you may ask, is that it? The answer is no. BMW Motorrad has made a huge improvement to the R nineT both visually and technically. Its riding modes “Dyna” from the R nineT and “Dirt” from the R nine T urban G/S now come as standard in the new models. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) and Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR) now also come as standard. To top it all off, the new R nineT is now equipped with the Comfort package as standard, which consists of Riding Modes Pro, Cruise Control, and Heated Grips. Now that’s an improvement for you!

2021 BMW R nineT Philippines

2021 BMW R nineT Philippines

The traditional Option 719 offers exclusive customization to fit the riders’ taste, which I think is an amazing option offered. The range of parts includes various wheels, milled parts, a rear conversion with a short rear end plate number holder behind the rear wheel, and a tracker rear end. It also comes with new paint finishes, such as the recent BMW 40 Years edition paint job. For a limited time only, the new R nineT comes with a color scheme reminiscent of the Legendary R 100 GS marking the 40th anniversary of the BMW Motorrad GS family. 

To recap the new features the bike has, here is the highlights of the 2021 BMW R nineT models:

  • Iconic air/oil-cooled boxer engine with new cylinder heads for further increased torque in the mid-range as well as compliance with the EU-5 emissions standard.
  • 80kW (109hp) 7,250rpm (previously 81kW (110hp) at 7,750 rpm) and 116Nm at 6,000 rpm.
  • Cylinder head, cylinder head cover and throttle valve parts all in a new design.
  • ABS Pro with DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) for even greater safety when braking in banking position.
  • New suspension strut with travel-dependent damping (WAD) for even more balanced and comfortable handling as standard
  • Hand wheel for adjusting the spring preload on the shock absorber as standard.
  • Riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard.
  • Classically designed circular instrument with new dial.
  • White LED indicators as standard.
  • LED headlights incl. daytime running light/parking light as standard.
  • USB charging socket as standard.
  • Enhanced overall design with a wider range of exclusive paint finishes.

Over 80,000 units of the BMW R nineT have been delivered worldwide and over 700 have been sold in the country. Now, more than ever, SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp., the official importer and distributor of BMW motorcycles in the Philippines, is reinforcing BMW Motorrad’s success with the launch of the new BMW R nineT lineup. 

All variants of the new R nineT are now available through five (5) BMW Motorrad dealerships nationwide and will come with the class-leading BMW Motorrad Warranty, which covers each motorcycle for 5 years or 500,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

2021 BMW R nineT Pure Philippines

BMW R nineT Pure

    • Teal Blue Metallic: P995,000.00
    • Mineral Grey: P995,000.00
    • Black Storm Metallic/Racing Red Spezial: P1,045,000.00

2021 BMW R nineT Scrambler Philippines

BMW R nineT Scrambler

    • Granite Grey Metallic: P1,095,000.00
    • Kalamata Metallic: P1,095,000.00
    • Cosmic Blue Metallic/White Spezial: P1,145,000.00

2021 BMW R nineT Classic Philippines

BMW R nineT Classic

    • Black Storm Metallic: P1,275,000.00
    • Night Black/Aluminum Spezial: P1,345,000.00
    • Aluminum Matte Spezial: P1,345,000.00
    • Mineral White Metallic/Aurum Spezial: P1,345,000.00

2021 BMW R nineT 40 Years GS Philippines

BMW R nineT Urban GS (40 Years Edition)

    • Black Storm Metallic: P1,275,000.00

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