Honda Mobilio 7-Seater MPV Officially Discontinued In PH

Honda Mobilio 7-Seater MPV Officially Discontinued In PH

The Honda Mobilio has officially been discontinued for the Philippine market. Honda is now concentrating on growing segments instead.

Honda Cars Philippines Inc., (HCPI) has officially discontinued the Mobilio. As it disappeared on HCPI’s local website, we were curious whether the Honda Mobilio won’t be sold in the Philippines anymore for the 2021 model year. This is what HCPI has to say:

“We mainly considered the changes in market demand. By focusing on other growing segments, we can better cater to our customer needs.”

When it was launched in 2015, the Honda Mobilio initially became HCPI’s second best-selling model just behind the City. As consumer preferences shifted to crossovers, SUVs, or basically anything that looks like an SUV even though it has none of the capability, Honda introduced the BR-V, which is basically a more rugged version of the Mobilio.

Since that car was unveiled in 2017, the BR-V essentially ate into the sales of the Mobilio. As of 2020, HCPI only sold 169 units of the Mobilio versus 2,041 units. The move to discontinue the Mobilio isn’t surprising since the rugged-looking BR-V has proven to be more popular than the Mobilio since its launch.

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