Take A Look At These Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes

Take A Look At These Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes

The Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes is now on sale in Japan for around P16,000 and will go on sale until the end of March 2022.

Mazda Motor Corporation and Mizuno, both of which share a common development philosophy of “human-centered manufacturing,” have jointly developed a pair of driving shoes that provide the spirit of “jinba-ittai”, or basically driving pleasure if you read between Mazda’s marketing lines. Say hello to the Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes.

Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes

These shoes have been designed specifically for driving. As a result, these were mainly designed┬áto provide drivers a light and stable operation of the pedals whilst maintaining everyday comfort. This is thanks to the dorsiflexion support that supports the foot’s backward and contraction movements.

In order to smoothly pull down the toe when stepping on the pedal, a mesh material has been adopted for the Achilles tendon, in order to maintain the fit of the shoe and still provide comfortable driving.

Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes

The Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes also feature Mizuno’s Cob technology, which ensures sufficient cushioning. A special uneven structure is placed on the upper surface of the midsole in order to accurately convey the information input from the outsole. Mazda says this provides a direct feel that allows you to feel the feedback from the pedals more delicately when driving, while still having the comfort of everyday wear.

Lastly, the Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes uses a “round sole” that stabilizes the contact of the foot with the floor. By rounding the heel and winding it up to the upper, it becomes easier for the driver to rotate the foot while increasing the contact area with the floor surface. Mazda says this enables both a stable and smooth pedal operation. The design of this outsole features a three-dimensional shape that’s inspired by car technology.

The Mazda/Mizuno Driving Shoes are now on sale in Japan today for JPY36,000 (around P16,072) and are only going to be available until March 2022.

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