Nissan PH Reveals Ownership Costs For The Leaf Electric Vehicle

The Nissan Leaf, at least according to the Japanese automaker, should cost less to run than a gasoline-powered car.

Nissan Philippines has just revealed the expected ownership costs for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, and here’s how it should stack up against traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Based on a test run by the Meralco Power Lab, the Nissan Leaf can be fully charged for just P363.401, or the price of two drinks at a coffee shop. On a single charge, the Nissan Leaf can travel up to 311 kilometers. This makes the Nissan Leaf’s running cost to about P1.17 per kilometer, which is nearly half of the P2.08 per kilometer of a conventional sedan with a gasoline engine2.

As for charging, the Nissan Leaf can be fully charged in 18.5 hours at home, or up to 40 to 60 minutes at a charging station found in every Nissan EV dealerships. Nissan LEAF owners need only to charge their vehicles once or twice a week for normal city driving.

Similar to its lower running cost, maintaining the Nissan Leaf can cost up to 23 percent less than the maintenance costs of a midsize executive sedan. The Nissan Leaf’s total 5-year cost for periodic maintenance services is lower compared to petrol-run, mid-size sedan vehicles during the same period. Additionally, Leaf parts can cost up to 39 percent less than that of ICE-powered cars3 This is due to the fact that the Nissan Leaf has fewer parts that need to be maintained, and uses fewer consumable materials like oil and filters, compared to an ICE-powered vehicle. This means less trips to the service center for oil changes and tune-ups.

Nissan Leaf owners are also assured that all Nissan EV dealerships have specialized tools, equipment, facilities, and trained personnel ready to serve the maintenance and repair needs of their EVs.

Aside from low running and maintenance costs, the Nissan Leaf’s battery also has an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty and a 3-year or 100,000 km vehicle warranty, whichever comes first. With an outstanding warranty coverage on top of the low running and maintenance costs, investing in a Nissan Leaf means more time enjoying the thrills of convenience of owning a vehicle.

1 Cost per full charge is based on MERALCO Power Lab Tests on the Nissan Leaf’s Energy Consumption at P8.55/kWh (Ave. electricity rate of all MERALCO residential customers, Q2 2021).
2 Average price per liter is based on prevailing retail prices of petroleum in Metro Manila as of April 2021.
3 Source:

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