Toyota Lets Farmers Trade Their Crops For A New Car In Brazil

Toyota Lets Farmers In Brazil Trade Their Crops For A New Car

The program is called Toyota Barter, and it's an innovative service that lets farmers trade in their crops for a new car.

Here’s a bit of news you probably did not expect to hear. Toyota do Brazil has introduced a new program that lets its Brazilian customers trade their crops for a new car.┬áCalled Toyota Barter, the program first started in 2019 as a pilot program. Since then, it has now expanded to nine states in the South American country.

Toyota Barter is as simple as it sounds. Farmers get to bring their crops, in this case, either corn or soybeans, and then Toyota brings it to a third party firm, NovaAgri, to conduct an audit of the crops and determine if the crops were farmed sustainably.

For now, farmers can only choose three cars in exchange for their crops: the Toyota Hilux, Corolla Cross, and SW4 (also known as the Fortuner in our market). Don’t expect your garden full of corn and soybeans to be enough for a brand-new car though. While the press release did not specify how much of the stuff is needed to buy one of the aforementioned three cars, they did say that it will be measured in bags.

Toyota do Brazil says that 16 percent of its sales come from the agricultural industry, and this program should help increase Toyota’s market share in that industry even more.

Given that the agricultural industry is a huge contributor to the Philippine economy, do you wish for Toyota Motor Philippines to launch a similar program as well? We do think it’s an innovative idea for Toyota Motor Philippines to explore as a way to support our country’s farmers as well.

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