You Can Refund Your Honda's DTI Safeguard Bond From Your Home

You Can Refund Your Honda’s DTI Safeguard Bond From Your Home

Honda Cars Philippines is allowing customers to refund their DTI safeguard bond cash deposits right from their own homes.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines, has released guidelines for the standard process flow for the refund of the DTI safeguard bond cash deposit. Customers may start to process their refund requests starting August 16, 2021.

For a safe and convenient process, customers may claim their DTI safeguard bond deposit refund through the following steps:

  1. Customers may download the Safeguard Refund Form online through:
  2. A complete Safeguard Refund Form, along with attached requirements must be submitted to dealers.

a. Requirements:

      1. Signed and accomplished Safeguard Refund Form
      2. Acknowledgement / collection / provisional receit
      3. Vehicle sales invoice
      4. Vehicle’s official receipt and certificate of registration
      5. One (1) valid government-issued identification card

b. For those who prefer to receive their refund via bank deposit instead of cheque, customers must indicate their bank details in the Safeguard Refund Form. Otherwise, refund release will automatically be in an actual cheque for claiming at the dealership.

  1. The dealer shall validate the requirements and form of the customer. If eligible for Safeguard Refund, customers will be receiving an update from their dealership of transaction that their refund is for processing.
  2. Once the refund has been processed and approved, the dealer shall contact the customer once the Safeguard Refund is ready for release, either for deposit or for cheque release at the dealership.
  3. Upon claiming the refund, customers must bring the original documents for verification. For health, safety, and security purposes, online process and verification may be applied by dealers and customers as well.

Other car manufacturers are also implementing steps for the refund process of the DTI safeguard bond. We’ll keep all of you posted in the coming weeks on how each manufacturer is implementing this procedure.

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