RSA Motors (BMW) Libis Offers Discounted Car, Motorbike Accessories

RSA Motors Libis is launching its 9.9 sale, which includes discounted lifestyle gear and accessories for BMW cars and motorbikes.

RSA Motors Libis is taking Joy to the next level with the BMW 9.9 Sale. From September 9 to 12, customers can enjoy limited-time deals on automobile accessories, BMW Motorrad riding gear, riding equipment, and Lifestyle Merchandise.

BMW patrons and motoring enthusiasts will find an exclusive lineup of products that can make their ownership experience even more thrilling. For the first time, a selection of over 700 items with up to 70% off on car accessories as well as 50% off on riding gear and riding equipment will be available at the four-day celebration. Guests will also have the opportunity to test drive iconic BMW cars onsite.

To see the list of models with car accessories, riding gear, and riding equipment on special offer, simply check the following links:

In compliance with IATF guidelines and restrictions, the event will strictly require pre-registration to uphold a limited showroom capacity and ensure safety. Interested participants can book their slot by clicking the link below to choose their preferred date and time of attendance.

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