Toyota PH Updates Fortuner Lineup For 2022

Toyota PH Updates Fortuner Lineup For 2022

The 2022 Toyota Fortuner comes with a number of tech and driver-assistance updates that should keep it competitive amid newer rivals.

Toyota Motor Philippines is giving the Fortuner a number of updates for the 2022 model year. However, the new 2022 Toyota Fortuner comes with a matching price increase as well.

If you’re expecting any aesthetic changes to the 2022 Toyota Fortuner, then you’re out of luck. It’s still the same when it first came out last year. What Toyota has added for this year are a number of tech and safety upgrades.

The G variant stays the same for 2022. It’s only when you get to at least the V variant where these changes are felt. A wireless charger and a rear USB-C charge port are now available starting with the V variant and above. On the other hand, the previous single-zone climate control has now been upgraded to dual-zone, and this is available starting with the Q variant. Additionally, blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert have also been added to this variant as well.

The remainder of the upgrades are now solely limited to the LTD variant, and this includes the addition of a hood lift assist (gas struts), a new foot sensor for the powered tailgate.

As mentioned, these new features do not come for free, at least on the Q and LTD variants. Pricing for the 2022 Toyota Fortuner G and V variants remains the same. As usual for Toyota, opting for the White Pearl Crystal Shine paint comes with an additional P15,000 across all but the LTD variant, in which case the additional charge is P10,000.

  • 2.4 G 4×2 MT – P1,633,000
  • 2.4 G 4×2 AT – P1,723,000
  • 2.4 V 4×2 AT – P1,827,000
  • 2.4 Q 4×2 AT – P2,018,000 (+P20,000)
  • 2.8 LTD 4×2 AT – P2,280,000 (+P36,000)
  • 2.8 LTD 4×4 AT – P2,440,000 (+P36,000)

Toyota PH Updates Fortuner Lineup For 2022

In addition to this, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is introducing its Balloon Payment Plus – a new and easier way to bring and give access to mobility for all.

Balloon Payment Plus is a refreshed financing solution made exclusively for TMP by Toyota Financial Services Philippines that makes ownership and driving experience more affordable with lower monthly payments, top quality and built-in prepaid periodic maintenance service, and flexible end-of-loan term options. How is it any different from regular car financing?

Balloon Payment Plus offers up to 28% lower monthly payments compared to regular financing which gives you a lighter way to pay every month. Think of it as a goal-setting plan to pay low now and then deal with the rest later. That’s perfect if you’re on your way to that big raise or your biggest business breakthrough. Before you know it, you’re already trending in your own right with your brand-new Toyota.

Now, that lump sum at the end might sound like that’s a lot of weight to carry, but you’re assured of a wonderful pay-off – the built-in Period Maintenance Service. The low monthly payment comes with PPM: Prepaid Periodic Maintenance service. Over the course of maintaining the car, the car ages, the mileage goes up, which in turn makes the maintenance costs go up as well. Balloon Payment Plus program comes inclusive with stress-free and top-class periodic maintenance service from the dealership where the car was purchased. In the long run, you drive with peace of mind knowing that your Toyota is in tip-top shape.

What happens at the end of the financing term? Well, you have flexible options. If you have eyes on a new Toyota that you’d love to have and drive, the car can be traded in for a new one and the estimated value of the previous vehicle can be used as a down payment. Or you can choose to pay off the lump sum plus the remaining monthly payments to complete the financing term.

If you choose to drive a new Toyota, all you have to do is pick your vehicle, such as the Fortuner, Rush, Hilux, Innova, or Corolla Cross.

Let’s say you have your eyes on the 2022 Toyota Fortuner G 4×2 AT. We can break down the easy Balloon Payment Plus transaction into three steps:

  1. Get started with a 20% down payment
  2. Choose your payment term (24, 36, 48, or 60 months) and enjoy a lighter monthly payment.
  3. Easily trade in for a new one or settle the remaining amount to pay off the lump sum.

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