2022 Toyota Corolla Altis Nürburgring Is All Show And No Go

The Toyota Corolla Altis Nurburgring has just been unveiled in Thailand and it gains purely aesthetic and no performance upgrades.

Toyota has just unveiled a new special edition variant of the Corolla Altis. Called the Toyota Corolla Altis Nürburgring, this model is (thankfully) limited to Thailand and it literally has no connection to the famed Nürburgring in any shape or form.

Toyota Corolla Altis Nürburgring

Okay, so a Toyota Corolla has been competing at the ADAC Total 24h-Rennen (Race) Nürburgring and has won its class for two years in a row, but this model inherits none of that car’s performance. Based on the V variant of the Corolla Altis, its exterior gets a sporty bodykit with a completely new front bumper, front grille, side skirts, and an aggressive rear bumper.

Lastly, there’s the obligatory Nürburgring 24h badge on the sides and rear of the vehicle.

No interior changes were made to the Corolla Altis Nurburgring, so don’t expect racing bucket seats or any of that stuff.

Toyota claims that they did improve the handling and throttle response of the new Corolla Altis Nurburgring. This is thanks to a new set of lowered, stiffened springs, and a throttle control box that optimizes throttle response for improved acceleration.

As mentioned, there are no performance upgrades that were made to the Corolla Altis, which means its 138-hp 1.8-liter gasoline engine and 121-hp 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain are unchanged, effectively making the Corolla Altis one of the slowest cars with a Nurburgring badge attached to it. This is then mated to a CVT for both powertrains, which both drive the front wheels.

The Toyota Corolla Altis Nurburgring is now on sale in Thailand. Do you think Toyota Motor Philippines should offer this in our market?

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