Lexus PH Introduces myLexus App For More Convenient Ownership

Lexus PH Introduces myLexus App For More Convenient Ownership

Through the myLexus app, you can easily access your vehicle's servicing and maintenance status, as well as even shop for a new Lexus.

Lexus Philippines is introducing a new app called the myLexus Mobile app. Omotenashi isa key element woven into the Lexus experience. True to its concept, Lexus endeavors to do more than simply meet a person’s needs and desires. It anticipates them and seamlessly delivers on that promise so whatever is required is always immediately available.

Lexus’ unique interpretation of hospitality can now be experienced from the palm of your hand with the myLexus Mobile App. With it, owning and maintaining a Lexus is now easier and more convenient than ever before.

Available for download for both Andriod and iOS users, the myLexus Mobile App puts everything you need–from maintaining your prized vehicle, shopping for a new model, or learning more about the fascinating world of Lexus–all from the convenience of your handheld mobile device.

The myLexus Mobile App gives you unprecedented access to the Lexus dealership closest to you. You can also check the repair status of your car, its service history, and warranty coverage. Other premium services include handy car-care tips, current trade-in vehicles, and, of course, emergency roadside assistance. Booking a service and tracking the progress has never been more effortless.

There is also a virtual showroom where you can specify the features of a model you are looking to buy; compare cars; display brochures; inquire about vehicles; browse used vehicles; use a payment calculator; take digital tours of each vehicle, and discover more about the Lexus brand.

Through the myLexus Mobile App, you will be notified about the latest promos for sales, service, accessories and so much more. You will also be kept up to date with public advisories about events and product launches. Reminders about maintenance schedules will be present as well, and status updates about service and repair of your Lexus vehicle.

The myLexus Mobile App is the latest innovation that brings Lexus of Japanese luxury hospitality closer to its loyal customers. So if you don’t own a Lexus yet, it is also an invitation to see what the luxury brand has to offer you.

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