Here Are Some Of The Interesting Electric Vehicles That Toyota Previewed

Take A Look At Toyota’s Diverse Range Of Future Electric Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation recently unveiled a slew of electric vehicles (EVs) that it will release in the coming years.

Toyota and Lexus recently unveiled a slew of electric vehicles (EVs), and while you can say that Toyota is late to the EV game, they’re now trying to play catch up in a big way. Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda showcased 16 EVs, one of which is soon to go on sale, and that’s the Toyota bZ4X (and the Subaru Solterra). We can’t cover every single new Toyota EV in one article, so here are a few of them that stood out for us.

The first one is the Compact Cruiser EV, and it looks like an electric revival of the FJ Cruiser. As the name suggests, it’s going to be a far smaller EV compared to the off-roader that we know and love. What we don’t know is if it will ride on a unibody structure–presumable the e-TNGA that the bZ4X is already using, or the TNGA-K body-on-frame chassis that underpins the Land Cruiser. Either way, both platforms are capable of accommodating electrification.

This next one is this unnamed electric sportscar that seems to be an electric successor to the Toyota MR2. Based on how it looks, it will most likely adopt a mid- or rear-mounted electric motor layout, and it will be developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing, based on the badge on the car’s front end.

Up next is this unnamed electric pickup concept. Based on how it looks, it draws plenty of design cues from the recently-unveiled Toyota Tundra full-size pickup that’s exclusive to North America. This concept, however, is a segment below, which means it’s a midsize pickup that serves as a preview of a future Toyota Tacoma or Hilux, both of which ride on the same body-on-frame platform.

Toyota Motor Corporation Electric Vehicles

The aforementioned pickup and sports car is part of “the diverse Toyota EVs”, which is catered to meet various needs and customer wants. This range of EVs also covers the commercial segment, and this includes a minibus, a compact van, and a small urban EV.

Toyota Motor Corporation Electric Vehicles

Let’s now talk about Toyota’s bZ range of EVs. The first of these bZ EVs to go on sale will be the bZ4X, with production already set to start next year. bZ stands for “beyond Zero”, and this will serve as Toyota’s core EV model range. All of these are riding on the e-TNGA platform, and this model lineup covers a range of crossover SUVs and passenger cars in varying sizes and levels of features.

Toyota Motor Corporation Electric Vehicles

Toyota is aiming to sell 3.5 million EVs by 2030, while the Lexus luxury brand will be at the forefront of Toyota’s EV offensive. By 2030, Lexus will only sell EVs in North America, Europe, and China. By 2035, Lexus will be 100 percent electric globally. In total, 30 new EVs will be unveiled by Toyota Motor Corporation, as it aims to cover every single niche and segment.

We’ve also covered the slew of EVs that Lexus also unveiled. One of those EVs is almost ready for production, and that’s the Lexus RZ, which you can see here.

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