Next-Generation Ford Everest Teased Ahead Of Q1 2022 Reveal

Next-Generation Ford Everest Teased Ahead Of Q1 2022 Reveal

Here's your first look at the next-generation Ford Ranger, and as expected, it will share a lot with the all-new Ranger.

The next-generation Ford Everest will soon be revealed as the Blue Oval brand started teasing its upcoming seven-seater SUV today. Ford says that it “builds on its award-winning capability to provide the performance and versatility customers told us they needed to take on life and #SeekYourExperience.”

Next-Generation Ford Everest Teased Ahead Of Q1 2022 Reveal

As the next-generation Ford Everest enters the final testing phase of the company’s global testing program, it’s been dressed to hide in plain sight. Wearing a digitized camouflage designed by Lee Imrie, exterior designer at Ford Australia, some of Everest’s key visual design cues will remain hidden until it is revealed in the first quarter of 2022.

Even at night, the cloaked next-gen Everest will stand out thanks to clever reflective strips in the camouflage.

“We created an artistic pattern that hints at adventure,” said Imrie. “The camouflage consists of a series of rectangles tilted on a 45-degree angle that weas inspired by mountain peaks.

“We make sure the vehicle design remains hidden by designing the camouflage pieces in isolation. This means when it’s applied to the vehicle it’s a completely random pattern.”

The color of the camouflage is just as important as keeping the vehicle hidden, according to Imrie, and is based on three colors: Meteor Grey, Black, and White. 

While the camouflage pattern helps to disguise some of the next-generation Everest’s key features, a #SeekYourExperience and QR code built into the pattern is intended to encourage those who see it out on the road testing to engage with it and share their experience. 


The next-generation Ford Everest will of course be mechanically related to the recently-unveiled Ranger. Expect a 2.0-liter diesel in single- and twin-turbo configurations that will be carried over from the previous model. In the outgoing Ranger, the single-turbo motor produced 180 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque, while the twin-turbo diesel produced 210 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. Likewise, the all-new Ranger’s 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine will most likely be the top-of-the-range choice, though no power figures were given by Ford for this engine.

As for features, expect stuff like the latest SYNC4 infotainment that first debuted in the Mustang Mach-E. In the case of the new Ranger, this is controlled via a 10.1- or 12-inch portrait touch screen. A fully-digital instrument cluster will also definitely be offered, just like in the all-new Ranger.

That’s all the information we know for now. We can’t wait to finally see this body-on-frame SUV soon as it will definitely once again set the standard in the segment in terms of tech and outright power.

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