2022 GAC GN6 Review (With Video)
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2022 GAC GN6 Review (With Video)

Is it better than the Toyota Innova?

We’ve recently just reviewed the all-new GAC GS4, which just like this GN6, rides on the brand’s latest GAC Global Platform Modular Architecture (GPMA). We were delighted by its top-notch driving dynamics that’s well-engineered to a tee, making it one of the best crossover SUVs we’ve ever, affordable or otherwise. Will that same engineering success story be carried over to this 2022 GAC GN6?

Exterior Design

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Review

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Review

In terms of design, the GAC GN6 looks like, well, an MPV. It’s not striking nor distinct in any sort of way. The body itself looks elegant, and so are its LED taillights and park lights, but the small 16-inch wheels and halogen projector headlights give it somewhat a basic vibe. The GN6 would definitely look better with bigger wheels and full LED lighting. As a whole though, it looks adequately elegant in the right places, with its tall grille, sleek headlight shape (despite the outdated halogen tech), and the steeply-raked windshield that gives it the same premium vibe as something like in a Honda Odyssey or the now-discontinued Toyota Previa.

Interior Design

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

As for the interior, things turn for the better, but not by much. The design itself, just like the exterior, is elegant. The brown and black color scheme is pleasing to the eye, and there’s also a decent though not generous amount of soft-touch plastics. And again, just like the exterior, its interior features are an immediate reminder that this is not the top-of-the-line variant that’s seen in overseas markets.

Features And Infotainment

Whereas the press photos feature two large displays, the sole mid-spec variant being offered here comes with a smaller color multi-information display (MID) flanked by twin analog gauges and a smaller 8-inch touch screen. On the upside, the infotainment system works well, with good graphics and decent touch response. The animations make it seem slow since it takes time to switch between menus, but it’s alright as a whole. At least there’s Apple CarPlay, but as with (most) Chinese-market cars, there’s no Android Auto.

Space and Practicality

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

Being an MPV, it’s unsurprising to find out that there’s plenty of space on all three rows. The steering, which is finished in urethane, doesn’t offer reach adjustment, but it’s still okay for my body type. Regardless of where you’re seated, all three rows offer good comfort levels. Such are the benefits of being an MPV that’s built on a modern unibody platform rather than a body-on-frame chassis.

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

With the 2022 GAC GN6, this is basically one of the most affordable ways to have captain’s chairs. Weirdly enough, those seated in the second row will have to make do with cup holders on the doors rather than on the armrests or on the center. It’s not a deal-breaker, but rather more of an observation. And then moving towards the third row, and my 5 foot 10-inch frame would be happy to sit there for hours on end. This is why I normally recommend MPVs to those who regularly carry seven people.

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

Trunk space is also pretty good, with 324 liters behind the third row. Folding these seats down in an easy and ingenious manner will give you a whopping 1,100 liters of cargo area, which is already as big as many crossover SUVs with all of its rear seats folded. Unfortunately, the GN6’s captain’s chairs can’t be stowed away, so you’ll have to deal with these all the time while cargo hauling.

How It Drives

Under the 2022 GAC GN6’s hood is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that produces a healthy 170 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque. As typical with these engines, there’s plenty of punch on the low RPM range. And just like the all-new GS4, the GN6’s powertrain has minimal turbo lag whether it’s on the move or when accelerating from a standstill. This was not the case when I drove the GS3 before, which had borderline severe lag when coming from a stop.

As a result, the GN6 drives like it has a normally-aspirated engine. It just so happens it has plenty of torque in the low- to mid-RPM ranges. Power and torque are delivered in a linear fashion, plus the 6-speed automatic that’s mated to it shifts smoothly if not responsively. There’s an occasional transmission lag when coming from a stop or when starting from a hill, though. It’s not a major gripe, but more of an observation.

GAC has improved upon its refinement and stability over the years, and the GN6 with its GPMA platform is no exception. The cabin remains hushed and quiet at high speeds, and with the steering’s relaxed on-center feel, high-speed stability is excellent. Barely any corrections are needed to keep it straight. The GAC GN6 is easily the best in its class when it comes to comfort and refinement as a result.

Bumps are also dealt with delicacy, absorbing all but the worst potholes without any fuss. The unibody chassis is also extremely rigid, minimizing vibrations and shaking as you drive over rough roads. Don’t expect it to be a sports MPV though. The overtly-light steering and ever-present (but controlled) body roll means that this is a vehicle that’s meant to be driven sensibly.

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Interior

And then as for fuel economy, I was easily achieving around 9.5 to 11 km/l, which is excellent for an MPV of this size. Do note that I live in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, which means I tend to post higher fuel economy figures compared to most other media. But still, under the same circumstances, the GAC GN6 is a lot more fuel-efficient than even the gasoline version of the Toyota Innova.


On paper, it’s hard to get excited about the 2022 GAC GN6. Just like the all-new GS4 that it shares its platform with, it doesn’t have the headline-grabbing features or style of some of its rivals. However, what it lacks in features more than makes up for having the best driving experience in the MPV segment. The driving experience is polished and almost completely free of annoying quirks and with its exceptional levels of comfort and stability, it’s an MPV I’d even choose over the Toyota Innova.

Chinese cars have gone a long way since they first went on sale on the global stage, but GAC Motor’s latest range of vehicles are some of those that are at the forefront of trying to escape the typical Chinese car stigma. As I said in my review of the all-new GAC GS4, while having plenty of tech features is never a bad thing, these will eventually be outdated after just a couple of years. Excellent driving dynamics, on the other hand, don’t age, and that’s why you should take the GN6 seriously.

More Photos

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Review

2022 GAC GN6 Philippines Review

Pricing and Rating

Exterior Design: ★★★★☆
Interior Design: ★★★★☆
Space and Practicality: ★★★★★
Features: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Acceleration: ★★★★☆
Handling: ★★★★☆
Comfort: ★★★★★
Fuel Efficiency: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆

Price: P1,350,000*

Overall: 4.2 out of 5

*Pricing is correct and accurate as of this article’s time of writing.

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