The Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept Previews Yet Another Crossover

It seems we probably won't get a future Lancer Evolution anymore because the Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept is yet another crossover.

The Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept has just been unveiled, and it previews what the future of the brand’s motorsports division would be like. Unfortunately, if you are just like us and were hoping for the revival of the Lancer Evolution, then prepare to be disappointed.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept

That’s because this is essentially the all-new Outlander PHEV on steroids. Isn’t the world already full of so many crossovers? But, oh well. What else can we do? People currently have an unhealthy obsession towards anything that’s rugged or at least tries to look rugged.

Upfront, the Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept features a larger grille with radiator shutters, an enlarged lower air intake, and a more aggressive front chin. Inside those flared wheel arches are large 22-inch wheels, while the rear end is finished off with an aggressive diffuser and beefier bumpers. The rest of the bodywork remains unchanged from the Outlander, and while that compact crossover SUV sure looks good, it really would have been better if the future of Ralliart still included a rally-bred sports sedan.

No interior photos of the Vision Ralliart Concept were shown, but hey, you know how the all-new Outlander looks right? Just imagine it with having plenty of carbon fiber parts or racing bucket seats then you’re probably on point on how it looks like anyway.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept

Mitsubishi says that the Vision Ralliart Concept is equipped with six-piston calipers to complement the larger brakes, a new all-wheel drive (AWD) system with 4-wheel control, enhanced battery capacity, and more powerful electric motors.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi did not announce just how much more powerful the Vision Ralliart Concept is over the Outlander PHEV. For reference, the newly-unveiled model has a bigger 20 kWh battery pack that offers a longer electric range of 54 miles.

The Outlander PHEV’s powertrain consists of a 4B12 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine from the previous generation model but is now updated to produce 131 horsepower. The electric motors, meanwhile, now produce 85 horsepower and 100 horsepower at the front and rear wheels, respectively. Mitsubishi does not provide a total system output for its PHEVs.

The Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept won’t go into production just yet. The Japanese automaker says  “customer feedback will be used in future development of Mitsubishi vehicles,” which probably means it could spawn an actual high-performance Outlander or serve as a basis for the development of its future cars.

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