Looking Back At 13 Years Of Experiencing Amazing With Lexus Philippines

Looking Back At 13 Years Of Experiencing Amazing With Lexus Philippines

Lexus Philippines is celebrating its 13th anniversary, so here's a look back on how they started and how it's going right now.

From the time of its founding, Lexus has been earnestly pursuing the spirit of innovation and untiring evolution in luxury, and it continues to take up the challenge of building vehicles that exceed customers’ expectations. It was also 13 years ago when Lexus Philippines started its operations, and it has since been the gateway to a world of unparalleled luxury for the most discerning Filipino car buyers.

Whereas its rival European luxury brands were already a staple in the Philippine market, Lexus was still a new player back in 2009. Fast forward to 2022, and how well do you think is Toyota’s luxury brand performing in the Philippines? Quite spectacularly, actually. It’s now one of the major players in the luxury automotive market, and its name is already synonymous with offering an unparalleled level of excellent customer service and cutting-edge luxury vehicles. 

Strong Beginnings

Lexus Philippines

Lexus has always been known around the world for its excellent customer service, and Lexus Philippines is no exception. From its luxuriously-designed dealer facility in Bonifacio Global City, combined with the level of personalized customer service that only Lexus is able to deliver, the pleasure of being part of the Japanese luxury brand begins when you meet its people. Simply put, Lexus Manila is the most well-designed dealer in the nation.

Additionally, Lexus started in the Philippines back in 2009 with a diverse range of vehicles that consisted of the IS sports sedan, ES midsize luxury sedan, GS midsize sports sedan, and LS flagship luxury sedan. Of course, as the pioneer of the midsize luxury crossover SUV, the RX was immediately part of the brand’s initial portfolio, along with the tough yet elegant LX full-size luxury SUV.

Lexus then expanded its lineup to include the CT, which was the brand’s first electrified model in the Philippines. This was then followed by the GX, and then by the LFA supercar in 2012. Its 4.8-liter V10 was smaller than a V8 and lighter than a V6. Since the engine was acoustically tuned by Yamaha, it was and still is the best-sounding car of all time. It had a digital rev counter, not because of aesthetics, but because the engine revved so fast, an analog gauge won’t be able to keep up with how fast it builds its revs.

Lexus Manila

Since the development of the LFA, every Lexus started to focus on assertive styling and a more dynamic driving experience. This was also the time when we started seeing the brand’s current signature design motif–the spindle grille. It now adorns every single Lexus model, and it’s what immediately gives it a distinct identity on the road.

Lexus continued to shake up the luxury car market with more distinctive models, the most notable of which is the LC 500. Available in both coupe and convertible forms, the LC is the brand’s most exclusive interpretation of grand touring mobility. With its 5.0-liter V8 that delivers plenty of performance and aural pleasure, the LC opened up the door for more performance-oriented Lexus models.

In addition, the Lexus LM revolutionized the luxury MPV segment when it was introduced in 2020. Despite being introduced during the pandemic, the LM became one of the brand’s best-selling models. Its unparalleled levels of luxury, comfort, and refinement have proven to be the perfect recipe for Lexus to essentially corner the luxury MPV segment.

Looking Back At 2021

The past year had special milestones for the brand starting with the launch of the new LS and the newest variant of the Lexus IS which marked the resurgence of these luxury sedans.

The LS continues to be the pinnacle of the Lexus lineup, and it’s the sedan of choice for the most discerning of customers. Just before the year ended, Lexus introduced the new ES–a model renowned for its quiet, smooth performance and high levels of cabin comfort and spaciousness. The current changes focus on strengthening these qualities, refreshing the car’s styling, improving ride and responsiveness, and introducing new, technology-led equipment features. The IS, meanwhile, debuted the new Lexus Driving Signature, which spawned a new wave of sedans that blend sportiness and comfort.

For added customer convenience, Lexus’ unique interpretation of Japanese hospitality can now be experienced from the palm of your hand with the arrival of the MyLexus Mobile App. With it, owning and maintaining a Lexus is now easier and more convenient than ever before. Available for download for both Andriod and iOS users, the MyLexus Mobile App puts everything you need–from maintaining your prized vehicle, shopping for a new model, or learning more about the fascinating world of Lexus–all from the convenience of your handheld mobile device.

Looking Ahead

Lexus Philippines Electrified

With an unyielding spirit of innovation and support from buyers around the world, Lexus has continued to evolve as a luxury lifestyle brand. Lexus has delivered amazing product and brand experiences with new technologies and value since 1989. Now, the automotive industry has entered a period of once-in-a-century transformation.

Lexus RZ

Just recently, Lexus unveiled the RZ, the first Lexus to be built on a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) platform. It is part of Toyota’s EV offensive, and with it, a future sports car. By 2030, Lexus will spearhead Toyota’s EV technologies such as upcoming innovations in solid-state batteries, as well as transitioning into a 100 percent EV brand.

Lexus has always been at the forefront of making innovative technology available to those who have embraced green motoring. For Lexus in the Philippines, hybrid technology has always been as much about outright performance as it has been with improving fuel efficiency. Today, the LS, IS, RX, and NX hybrid variants are available locally.

The term ‘hybrid’ has become synonymous with environmental awareness in transport and is recognized by consumers as one of the most reliable, stress-free drivetrains on the market. But while the core principles of the technology have not changed, there have been numerous refinements along the way. For 13 years, Lexus Manila has been sharing these cutting-edge developments with you.

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