Toyota Officially Announces Four-Year Wait List For Land Cruiser 300

It's official! The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is so popular, there's now a four-year waiting list for this full-size SUV.

It’s no surprise that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has been extremely popular. Even in the Philippines, its launch was very quiet due to the limited quantities that are only available in the country. Last year, we reported that the all-new Land Cruiser 300 has a rumored waiting list of four years. Unfortunately, that bit of news is officially confirmed at this point.

Toyota through its Japanese website officially announces that there is a four-year waiting list for the all-new Land Cruiser 300. If you order now, there would be enough time for the Earth to revolve around the Sun four times before your precious new SUV arrives at your home.

This is what the official (Google-translated) announcement says:

“We sincerely apologize for the fact that Land Cruiser has been very well received not only in Japan but also around the world, and it is expected that it will take a long time to deliver it after receiving an order. The delivery time for ordering from now on may be about 4 years. We will do our utmost to shorten the delivery time of our customers, and we appreciate your understanding.”

The four-year waiting list doesn’t seem to affect the production of the equally-new Lexus LX 600, which is basically an even more luxurious version of the Land Cruiser 300. This full-size luxury SUV is expected to first go on sale in the United States before being sold elsewhere, including the Philippines.

It is still unknown how this will affect customers in the Philippines. Considering that Toyota Motor Philippines did not hold a formal launch event when the Land Cruiser 300 finally arrived in the country, it’s safe to say that the delays will also affect units that are destined for the Philippines.

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