With Nissan PH's Blue Switch Initiative, EVs Can Now Finally Shine

With Nissan PH’s Blue Switch Initiative, EVs Can Now Finally Shine

Nissan's Blue Switch initiative showcases the capabilities of electric vehicles, including their role during disasters.

Nissan is powering up for another year of innovation, starting with a declaration of its Blue Switch initiative in the Philippines.

With Nissan PH's Blue Switch Initiative, EVs Can Now Finally Shine

Blue Switch is the next phase of our electrification plans built on Nissan Ambition 2030, the company’s long-term vision for empowering mobility by strengthening our aim of becoming a sustainable company that drives towards a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world. Blue Switch is focused on building key partnerships that address social concerns with the use of electric vehicle technologies. Started in 2018 in Japan, the initiative focused on partnering with government and private stakeholders to promote and encourage the use of electric vehicles (EVs) to address social concerns like energy management, ecotourism, and disaster response.

During the event, Nissan invited the honorable Senator Sherwin Gatchalian to deliver a keynote address on sustainability and the future of EVs in the country. This was followed by a panel discussion from esteemed guests to show their support for the initiative. These include Nestor Archival, Cebu City Councilor and sustainability advocate; Edmund Araga, President of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines; Ferdi Raquelsantos, President of the Electric Vehicle Owners Society and Michel Goho from the Gateway dealer group, the exclusive Nissan Leaf distributor in the country.

Together, they discussed the potential benefits of electrified mobility and how it can be successfully integrated into society while addressing social concerns in the areas of tourism, the environment, and emergency response. The latter was recently demonstrated during Typhoon Odette when Nissan and Councilor Archival used the Nissan Leaf and Power Mover units to help affected communities in Cebu.

A similar effort was also done in Tacloban in partnership with the local Nissan dealership in the province. The EV’s vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology was able to provide electricity from its battery, allowing residents to charge their mobile devices and contact loved ones. Nissan Philippines also brought the Nissan Leaf in Boracay as part of its Safe Trips campaign which has evolved to also advocate for ecotourism and to encourage sustainability through adapting more eco-friendly options such as using electric vehicles as a mode of transportation. In addition to continuous knowledge building and sharing in the market about EVs and their technology, Nissan also aims to raise awareness on its other practical benefits and uses.

“When we integrate EV technology into society, we can unify people, systems, and our goals as a nation. EVs can boost tourism, protect the environment, help us respond to emergencies faster, and help enrich the lives of many people. We are looking to turn this dream into reality this 2022 and we can do this by working together,” ends Najima.

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