Kia PH Reports 76% Growth In 2021, With Stonic As Their Best-Seller

Kia PH Reports 76% Growth In 2021, With Stonic As Their Best-Seller

Kia Philippines experienced a 76 percent increase in sales in 2021, and this was led by the Kia Stonic subcompact SUV.

Kia Philippines reported that it sold 3,748 vehicles last year—a massive 76 percent increase outpacing the overall industry’s 18 percent growth, one of the highest in the industry.

The automaker’s substantial growth in 2021 was fueled by none other than the Stonic, followed by the Soluto, and then K2500.

The Kia Stonic was first introduced to the local market in October 2020 and quickly became the top-selling model for the automotive company. The Kia Stonic covered 37 percent of total sales.

The jump in sales ends a momentous 2021 wherein Kia Philippines gained the confidence and trust of more Filipinos everywhere. It truly was an inspiring year which further motivates the South Korean car brand to work harder toward its ultimate goal: to provide the best ownership experience to customers by building the most competent distributor and dealer after-sales operations. Upgrading the quality of their worker’s technical skills and increasing the availability of replacement parts was just the beginning. Kia has more in store to show that it values customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

Exciting times are up ahead for the car manufacturer, especially after it had just launched a new corporate logo and brand identity. On top of that, Kia Philippines is also slowly remodeling many of its showrooms to champion the company’s new store identity. All these uphold the philosophy of “Movement that inspires.”

“Our teams are inspired by our refreshed vision to equip Filipinos with everything they need to move towards a brighter, bolder future,” said Manny Aligada, President of Kia Philippines. “We are confident that our purpose-driven vehicles, partnered with our efforts in improving our dealerships, customer care, and after-sales services, will accelerate Kia Philippines into the next phase of growth in 2022 and beyond.”

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