Toyota PH Won’t Tolerate Dealers, Agents Marking Up Land Cruiser 300

Is your sales agent or dealer overcharging you for your Toyota Land Cruiser 300? You can report these to Toyota themselves.

It’s no surprise at this point that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is in such high demand. So much so that Toyota Motor Corporation themselves even announced that there’s a four-year waiting list for the highly-popular full-size SUV, at least in Japan. That shortage in Land Cruisers is also affecting the Philippines, and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) isn’t tolerating dealers and sales agents giving markups to customers of the Land Cruiser 300.

As with every Toyota vehicle on sale, TMP implements a one-price strategy across all of its dealers nationwide, and that’s the case even with a high-demand vehicle such as the Land Cruiser 300. In the past, when high demand such as when the Toyota 86 was first launched in the Philippines, customers were faced with dealers and/or sales agents charging extras such as in-house insurance or accessories just so customers could secure themselves an allotment.

TMP does not want such a scenario to happen again, and it’s taking added measures to prevent dealers and/or agents from overcharging customers of the Land Cruiser 300. If your dealer or sales agent is charging you extra for your purchase of the Land Cruiser 300, you’ll be glad that you can report it to Toyota’s customer assistance center. They can be reached via email at or you can give them a call at (02) 8819 2912.

Hopefully, with TMP’s strictness with such acts by dealers and agents, customers won’t have to face paying above SRP for their precious Land Cruiser 300.

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