Subaru WRX STI Is No More, May Come Back As An Electric Sports Sedan

The Subaru WRX STI will be discontinued, at least for now. There's a chance it might return as an electric sports sedan.

In a bit of news that might shock a number of car enthusiasts, the Subaru WRX STI is apparently living on borrowed time. As a matter of fact, with the WRX sports sedan already released, one would expect that an even more potent STI version is on the horizon. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case.

Subaru Corporation recently released an official announcement regarding the WRX STI’s future. As it explores opportunities for electrification of its sports sedan, there won’t be an STI version of the current WRX.

“As part of that effort, Subaru Corporation is exploring opportunities for the next-generation Subaru WRX STI, including electrification.  In the meantime, a next-generation internal combustion engine WRX STI will not be produced based upon the new WRX platform.”

The Subaru WRX STI, which used to have the Impreza name attached to it until 2015 when the current generation model arrived, will be retired, at least for now. Fans of its iconic EJ25 four-cylinder turbo boxer engine and its distinct rumbling noise will certainly be missed, especially at a time when the future of performance means silence.

The Japanese automaker says that they are now “focused on how our future sports and performance cars should evolve to meet the needs of the changing marketplace and the regulations and requirements for greenhouse gasses (GHG), zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ)” that’s being implemented in various markets around the world. Being a company that mostly has crossovers, SUVs, and a few performance cars, its average fleet-wide CO2 emissions are on the high side relative to brands that have a host of electric vehicles (EVs) or at the very least, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

In order to meet ever-stricter emissions regulations, the Subaru WRX STI might actually make a comeback, but unsurprisingly, with electrons and batteries powering it.

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