LEAKED: This Is The Next-Generation Honda CR-V

LEAKED: This Is The Next-Generation Honda CR-V

This is the next-generation Honda CR-V before you're supposed to see it. So, how are you liking its design so far?

The next-generation Honda CR-V will soon make its official debut, and this is pretty much confirmed at this point thanks to these leaked photos showcasing Honda’s highest-selling SUV globally.

LEAKED: This Is The Next-Generation Honda CR-V

These photos first appeared on the Malaysian automotive website paultan.org, and these photos show a Chinese-market CR-V whose design is in line with Honda’s current theme of creating a range of vehicles that have a clean and minimalist aesthetic. As a matter of fact, it looks like an enlarged HR-V, with design cues such as the upright front end, slim LED headlights, hexagonal grille, and a more upright silhouette. The rear end in particular looks striking, though the layout of the LED taillights is so similar to the Volvo XC60.

No photos of the interior have been revealed yet, but as with most of Honda’s newer range of vehicles, we expect it to have a minimalist design language with a good amount of physical buttons and a clean, horizontal layout.

LEAKED: This Is The Next-Generation Honda CR-V

In terms of engine choices, we’re pretty confident that the 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine that’s found in the Civic will also make its way into the next-generation Honda CR-V, and in the previous model, it produces 193 hp and 243 Nm of torque. This engine is already confirmed based on these photos, since the CR-V is wearing a “240 Turbo” badge, indicating its torque figure for the Chinese market.

As Honda is now aggressive in its electrification strategies, an e:HEV hybrid will definitely debut, too, and just like the current model, it should produce a total output of 184 hp and 315 Nm of torque. The future of the diesel CR-V is unknown at this point, but if ever it powers the next-generation Honda CR-V, it will most likely be limited to Southeast Asia. A plug-in hybrid (marketed as e:PHEV) will also be made available.

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