Google's Android Auto Is Getting A New, More Simplified Makeover
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Google’s Android Auto Is Getting A New, More Simplified Makeover

Android Auto is geting a major overhaul. It now looks more simplified and easier to use. Plus it comes with added Google Assistant features.

Google’s Android Auto, along with Apple CarPlay, has been a critical feature in a vehicle’s infotainment systems. Gone are the days when you have to deal with a phone mount if you wanted to use Google Maps or Waze instead of your car’s built-in navigation system.

Since it first launched, Android Auto has expanded to support more than 150 million cars across nearly every car brand. This summer, Android Auto will roll out a brand new interface that will help you get directions faster, control your media more easily, and have more functionality at your fingertips.

Google's Android Auto Is Getting A New, More Simplified Makeover

The main highlight of this update is the home screen. By default, Android Auto will now feature three tiles, with navigation, media, and communication all on one page. If the layout sounds familiar, it’s basically what Apple CarPlay has had since iOS 15. If there’s one criticism we always had with Android Auto, that would be its inability to fill up certain screen aspect ratios. Oftentimes, it won’t completely fill up the screens of vehicles with ultra-wide infotainment systems. That won’t be the case with this update, as Android Auto is now able to fill in the screens of various vehicle screens.

Google Assistant has also been updated, and it now brings contextual suggestions to help you be more productive in the car. From suggested replies to messages, to sharing arrival times with a friend, or even playing recommended music, Google Assistant can now help you do more in the car efficiently.

In addition to using your voice, you can now quickly message and call your favorite contacts with just one tap, and reply to messages by simply selecting a suggested response on the screen – helping you communicate easier while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Keep an eye out for these updates to your Android smartphone in the coming months.

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