Bring Home The Toyota Raize For As Low As P9,351/Month This June

Bring Home The Toyota Raize For As Low As P9,351 Per Month This June

Apart from the Toyota Raize, other Toyota models come with low downpayment, low monthly, or discounted promos this June.

This rainy season, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is showering customers with deals on their favorite Toyota vehicles. From low payment schemes to rebates on trade-ins, customers can enjoy flexible options when they avail their dream Toyota, with these promos valid until June 30.

Get the Wigo 1.0 G AT at P98,700 per month through the Pay Low option (all-in cash out with down payment as low as 15%, free 1-year insurance and 3-year LTO registration, and no chattel mortgage at 60 months to pay). You can also opt to Pay Light (low monthly plan at 50% down payment with 60 months to pay) for the 1.0 E MT variant at P6,023 per month.

The classic Corolla Altis is available at P12,983 for the 1.6 V CVT variant in the Pay Light option or pay in cash and save P50,000 for the 1.6 V CVT and 1.8 V Hybrid variants.

Looking for an SUV to power you through any weather condition? Get the Raize 1.2 G CVT at P9,351, the Rush 1.5 E MT at P10,601, or the Fortuner 4×2 G MT at P17,303 per month under the Pay Light option.

You can never go wrong with the ever-reliable Vios. Get P55,000 in savings when you purchase a Vios XLE CVT in cash, P35,000 for the XLE MT, or P18,500 for the XE CVT. You can also Pay Light at P7,850 per month for the 1.3 XE CVT. All brand-new G, E, and XLE units bought from authorized Toyota dealers also come with a 5-year warranty during this period.

A little rain shouldn’t keep you from making new memories with your friends and family. Enjoy travels together this season with the Innova 2.8 J DSL MT, available at P12,586 under the Pay Light option, or save P10,000 for the V, G, or J variants, P20,000 for the E MT variant, or P35,000 for the E AT variant when you purchase in cash.

  • Pay Low – All-in cash out as low as 15% downpayment, 60 months to pay, free 1st year insurance, free 3 year LTO registration, no chattel mortgage (finance lease)
  • Pay Light – Low Monthly Plans, 50% downpayment, 60 months to pay
  • Savings – Outright cash discount

Toyota is also offering free periodic maintenance service (PMS) for select variants of the Vios, Avanza, Innova, Hilux, and Hiace, as well as all variants of the Corolla Altis, Raize, Veloz, Rush, and Fortuner.

As the seasons change, so do our priorities. Toyota is with you on your next journey! Trade in your Fortuner for a Hilux and get a P20,000 rebate, or P35,000 when you upgrade your Wigo to a Vios. Use this rebate as cash discount when you purchase your new vehicle or buy an accessory for your Toyota.

All brand-new Veloz and Wigo, as well as select variants of the Vios, Corolla Altis, Innova, Hilux, Avanza, Rush, and Fortuner purchased from any authorized Toyota dealers nationwide during this month are also covered by free 1-year comprehensive insurance provided by Toyota Insure.

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