98 Units Of Isuzu Traviz Have Been Handed Over To Zamboanga Government

The City Government of Zamboanga has recently received 98 units of the Isuzu Traviz, which they will be distributed to its Barangays.

During the celebration of the 124th Philippine Independence, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), together with its dealer Isuzu Zamboanga, handed over 98 units of brand-new Isuzu Traviz to the City Government of Zamboanga, contributing to the 10,000-unit sales milestone of the Isuzu Traviz lightweight truck.

98 Units Of Isuzu Traviz Have Been Handed Over To Zamboanga Government

The Isuzu Traviz units with rescue vehicle body type, equipped with strobe lights with built-in siren, PA system, and 1-unit spine board, will be distributed to the different barangays in the city. This is in line with the city government’s thrust on the Barangay Emergency Network Group program which aims to equip and capacitate the barangays to ensure immediate response during emergencies and calamities.

IPC Department Head for Dealer Sales, Mario Ojales, led the turnover of units to the local government officials of City of Zamboanga headed by Mayor Maria Isabelle “Beng” Climaco Salazar, Councilor Digong Asdali, Vice-Mayor Elect Josephine Pareja, Councilor Elect James Pantaleon Siason and Councilor Elect Eddie Saavedra.

The City Government cited that apart from the competitive pricing, they also took into consideration the fuel efficiency of Isuzu Traviz, making it convenient and ideal for multi-purpose trips in the barangays. Since the introduction of Isuzu Traviz in the Philippine market, it has since gained popularity among business owners because of its powerful yet fuel-efficient engine. With a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters, the Isuzu Traviz can travel up to 1,063 kilometers in one full tank according to the results of the One Full Tank Challenge conducted by IPC as observed and certified by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) in April 2022.

The Isuzu Traviz is rated to carry up to 1.6 tons of payload. This powerful truck also boasts a comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to three people with its spacious legroom, ergonomically designed interior, and better visibility. In addition to that, its maneuverability and short turning radius of 4.5 meters make the Isuzu Traviz ideal for driving in the busiest areas and narrowest streets.

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