CONFIRMED: 2023 Ford Ranger And Everest To Make PH Debut July 28

CONFIRMED: 2023 Ford Ranger And Everest To Make PH Debut July 28

The 2023 Ford Ranger and Everest are coming this July 28, and you can already start configuring and reserving yours today!

Ford Philippines today launches an online portal for customers who want to place reservations for the next-generation 2023 Ford Ranger and Everest ahead of the local launch to be the first to own the much-anticipated next-generation of Ford’s popular vehicles.

CONFIRMED: 2023 Ford Ranger And Everest To Make PH Debut July 28

Available on the Ford Philippines website, the online portal is a safe and secure virtual platform where customers can reserve specific variants of the next-gen Ford vehicles anytime and anywhere – without having to visit a Ford dealership. Customers can visit the Ford Ranger page or the Ford Everest page on the website to reserve.

Within the online reservation platform, customers can first configure their next-generation Ford vehicle by choosing their preferred model, transmission and drivetrain, and exterior color. Once the vehicle selection process has been completed, customers will be directed to the summary page, where they can review their selection details.

After this process, customers will need to create a Ford account to progress with their online reservation and receive updates. Keeping a Ford account will also help the customer track the status of the reserved vehicle.

On the payment page, customers will be able to select their preferred Ford dealer and can choose between “Request a Quote” from the dealer or proceed to “Reserve Now” to confirm the vehicle reservation. A fully refundable reservation fee of P10,000 will be charged via the customer’s PayPal, credit card, or debit card account.

Customers who have completed the online reservation process will receive regular updates via text or e-mail. They can also track the progress of their reservation via their Ford account. Their chosen Ford dealer will then reach out to discuss next steps, which include documentation, available payment options, and delivery date.

In line with this, pricing for the 2023 Ford Ranger and Everest has also been revealed. The Ranger starts at P1,198,000, while the Everest starts aT P1,799,000.




Ranger 2.0L Bi-Turbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo Wildtrak 4×2 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo Sport 4×4 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo Sport 4×2 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo XLT 4×2 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo XLS 4×2 AT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo XLS 4×2 MT


Ranger 2.0L Turbo XL 4×4 MT





Everest 2.0L Bi-Turbo Titanium+ 4×4 AT


Everest 2.0L Turbo Titanium+ 4×2 AT


Everest 2.0L Turbo Sport 4×2 AT


Everest 2.0L Turbo Limited 4×2 AT


Everest 2.0L Turbo Trend 4×2 AT


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