Honda Cars PH Announces Delays In HR-V Deliveries

Honda Cars PH Announces Delays In HR-V Deliveries

Customers of the new Honda HR-V have to wait much longer due to the ongoing parts shortages affecting production.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has announced that it is currently experiencing a shortage of stocks for the new Honda HR-V. If you’ve already ordered one yourself, delivery delays are also expected.

This has been confirmed by the brand’s official Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, the delays in deliveries and stock replenishment for the HR-V are due to the ongoing parts and chip shortage. The problem is not unique to Honda, however, as other manufacturers like Toyota have also announced delays in deliveries of new cars to customers and dealers.¬†Unfortunately, the length of the delay is still uncertain as of this moment. HCPI has not given a firm date on how long will customers have to wait until their new HR-V arrives at their dealership.

HCPI recently revealed a new top-of-the-line RS Turbo variant of the HR-V. Donning a sportier exterior and interior design, as well as more features, the HR-V RS Turbo is for those who want Honda’s subcompact crossover SUV, albeit with more style. Despite being a new model, the Honda HR-V RS Turbo is also affected by the current parts and chip shortage.

If you want to shorten your waiting time, you can always opt for other Honda vehicles as well, but if you really are hellbent on getting the new Honda HR-V, then you really have no choice but to wait longer.

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