The Kia EV6 Will Cost As Low As P25,000 In 5 Years To Maintain

The 5-Year Maintance Cost Of A Kia EV6 Is As Low As P25,000

Electric vehicles are known to be significantly more affordable to maintain, but the Kia EV6 will be even more affordable.

The electric future that forward-thinking motorists have been anticipating is already in the Philippines. The local automotive industry already offers a number of EVs, and soon, we will see the exciting Kia EV6 in select Kia dealerships and on our roads. 

Ayala Land Begins Roll Out Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

This EV revolution is being supported by corporations that are committed to environment-friendly motoring. The 21 Ayala Land Charging Hubs rolled out recently throughout Luzon are strategically located so as to ensure that EV users will always have a charging station nearby. You may have already seen these during a visit to the mall, offices, estates, hotels, and industrial centers.

The Kia EV6 and its supporting charging ecosystem provided by Ayala Land represent a pivotal shift in the electric vehicle market. These brands are more than ready to meet the demands of the public that is poised to embrace this new way of motoring.

And yet there are still some myths that surround EVs in general. Here are the facts that prove that choosing an EV can be the ideal choice for your transportation needs.

Myth #1: Long Charging Time

An executive who travels an average of 50 kilometers (a fraction of the EV6’s 528 km range) to and from work daily, typically spends 10 hours at home to rest and sleep. It is during this time that the EV6 can be left to charge. Depending on the kind of charger used, an EV6 can reach a 100% charge (from 10%) in 90 minutes using a 7 kW AC charger, or in 50 minutes with an 11 kW AC charger. Even faster charging is possible at DC charging stations. Using a 50kW DC fast charger will allow EV6 users to reach 80% (from 10%) in 73 minutes; while using a 350kW 800V DC charger would only take 18 minutes.

Myth #2: Limited Charging Stations

Ayala Land reinforces its commitment to sustainable and responsible property development with the activation of over 21 EV fast-charging stations. These 22-kW AC and 60-kW DC fast chargers allow EV users to fully charge their vehicles as fast as 2 hours. This is in keeping with the company’s thrust and long-term commitment toward carbon neutrality and alignment with the global and local directive to shift to electric vehicles.

Myth #3: Limited Range

The EV6 GT Line that will be offered in the Philippines in Q1 2023 offers a fully-electric, zero-emission powertrain configuration with a long-range, 77.4 kWh high-voltage battery pack. The EV6 can travel over 500 km on a single charge (based on EPA rating). This range is worth highlighting, as the 21 Ayala Land Charging Hubs rolled out are strategically located so as to ensure that EV users will always have a charging station nearby. Even trips to Baguio City from Metro Manila (251 km) are possible and should quell any range-anxiety concerns (based on internal test runs).

Myth #4: High Cost of Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance costs, it is more affordable to maintain an EV because it doesn’t require any engine oils, transmission fluids, and other lubricants that are required by cars powered by internal combustion engines (ICE). The savings are significant.

Over the course of five years, for example, an EV6 will only need brake pads, brake fluid, AC filters, and wiper blades. This will amount to P25,000. For comparison’s sake, a midsize gas or diesel-fed SUV will need engine oil, filters, fluids, brake pads, wiper blades, belts, and coolants. Over five years, this will amount to roughly P110,000. 

And then there is the equivalent in fuel costs. The EV6’s range is rated at 528km at 77KwH. This range can be achieved with just P800 when charging at home against the P2,400 fuel cost of a midsize SUV covering a similar distance.

Myth #5: Safety Concerns

The Battery Management System (which is mounted low to the ground and on the floor) utilizes lithium-ion battery cells. These are enclosed and resistant to large water splashes. This casing system has been given an IP 66 international rating. This rating is one of the most commonly used for electrical enclosures with plastic hinges and waterproof gaskets. The EV6 is also equipped with a water-sensing system. In the unlikely event of water intrusion, it automatically shuts off the EV system if water exposure is beyond safety standards.

For peace of mind, Kia Philippines says that has systems in place to diagnose whether an EV6 has been exposed to flooding. EV6-specific equipment is available to address any of these concerns. The EV6 is also supported with parts availability and world-class trained technicians.

“Our one true message to the public aims to open their eyes to the reality and potential of EVs, and that Kia Philippines is here to make EV ownership convenient, worry-free, and enjoyable,” says Kia Philippines president Manny Aligada. “When the public eventually embraces our EVs, then Kia Philippines also fulfills its social responsibility and solid commitment to sustainable mobility, sustainable energy, and a sustainable planet. Soon the Philippines will also reap the benefits of the environment-friendly shift towards greener motoring.”

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