Geely Unveils New, Simpler Logo And Branding

Geely Unveils New, Simpler Logo And Branding

Geely has unveiled a new, simpler logo that represents its new branding direction, which will be seen in their marketing materials.

It’s the New Year, which means a lot of people will have plenty of “New Year, New Me” stories, but for Chinese automaker Geely, it means changing their brand identity. Geely has unveiled a new logo design and branding direction, joining the likes of Kia and Peugeot who also changed their branding direction in recent years.

Geely Unveils New, Simpler Logo And Branding

Geely’s logo has ditched the three-dimensional look of the “Innovative Geely 4.0” logo that we’ve become accustomed to, replacing it with a similar shape and six-tile layout, but without the blue and black segments that represented the “earth and sky”. In its place is a monotone solid color design that’s been designed to be able to adapt to various marketing materials. Universally though, the logo will either be in white or black, while the emblem will (mostly) be painted in silver when it’s placed on the brand’s various models.

The new logo joins the global movement towards a flat, simplistic logo design, which was made to fit into today’s software-heavy world and simplistic graphical design. Audi also revised their logo when it unveiled the new Q8 e-Tron, in which the four rings now look flatter not just on marketing materials, but also on the emblem itself.

While the Chinese automaker didn’t say much about the story of the logo, they did say on their social media platforms that the renewal of the logo “will be our first step to pursuing smarter and more technological products for our customers.”

Geely Monjaro

Currently, the brand’s range of vehicles carries a blacked-out version of its logo, which in itself is already a flat aesthetic that jives with its new logo. While they did not elaborate on whether the simpler logo will mean new emblems on vehicles, it seems that this logo change will mostly be reflected in their ads and various marketing materials.

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