The Mazda 2 Gets Another Facelift For The 2024 Model Year

The Mazda 2 Gets Another Facelift For The 2024 Model Year

The 2024 Mazda 2 comes with the most extensive changes this generation has received so far, but we think it needs a new generation model.

Mazda has given yet another lease on life to its smallest model, the Mazda 2. For this year, the 2023 Mazda 2 comes with a comprehensive facelift, but overall, it’s still the current generation Mazda 2 that has existed since 2015.

2024 Mazda 2

2024 Mazda 2

For this iteration, the 2024 Mazda 2 gets two design themes, depending on the variant. A sporty model comes with a mesh grille pattern and a red highlight to indicate its variant (depending on the market) along with a slightly redesigned rear bumper, likewise with a small red highlight. Another version comes with a closed-off grille that can either be painted in black or body color and comes with a yellow highlight that’s also seen in the rear bumper.

Regardless of the variant, the new Mazda 2 gets a new front bumper and a range of alloy wheel designs, depending as well on the market where it will be sold. Additionally, two new colors make their debut in the Mazda 2, namely Aero Grey Metallic and Airstream Blue Metallic.

2024 Mazda 2 Interior

Updates to the interior are much more subtle, as these are mostly limited to interior trim and color choices. Lower-grade variants can be trimmed with Pure White, Mirror Black, or Mint panels. These panels are made out of bio-engineered plastic that Mazda claims has a high-luster, high-quality feel. On the other hand, higher-grade sporty variants come with a black leather interior with red stitching on the seats, dash, and doors.

As for engines, the 2024 Mazda 2 still comes with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder Skyactiv-G gasoline engine that produces 113 hp and 148 Nm of torque, with power sent to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic.

The newly-updated Mazda 2 is going on sale first in Japan in the second half of the year before being sold elsewhere. In spite of these changes, we seriously think that an all-new Mazda 2 is desperately needed if the brand wants to continue to take the subcompact car segment seriously.

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