Here's What Makes The 2023 Ford Everest Sport Perfect For Dates
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Here’s What Makes The 2023 Ford Everest Sport Perfect For Dates

Our writer Tomi Togonon used the 2023 Ford Everest Sport to find out how it's an SUV that's perfectly suited for dates.

Most people (couples or romantic partners) during this month are trying to come up with ideas for their dates, especially this Valentine’s Day. The majority would go to food picnics, malls, or the movies. However, there is also an increasing trend of having dates in a vehicle such as the bed of a pickup truck. But for me and my girlfriend, we decided to enjoy a coffee date at the Antipolo branch of Chapter Coffee Roastery using a brand spanking new 2023 Ford Everest Sport 4×2.

2023 Ford Everest Sport Philippines

Allow me to share my experience driving a 2023 Ford Everest Sport from Valenzuela to Antipolo with fuel economy in mind. I can hit 9.3 km/l on my trip while taking traffic conditions into consideration as well. I am convinced that it is better than a lot of truck-based SUVs which only range around 6-7 km/l. So, if your destination for dates is far and you want to save gas, this is the perfect ride for you!

This particular variant also comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that produces 168 hp and 405 Nm of torque. It’s down on power compared to the twin-turbo version of the same engine in the Titanium 4×4, but the deficit is rarely felt in the real world. What’s more, I also agree with Isaac that the 6-speed automatic that this engine gets performs better than the 10-speed of the twin-turbo model.

2023 Ford Everest Sport Philippines

As for the exterior, the Sport variant is distinct from the top-of-the-range Titanium that Isaac reviewed as the latter is filled with chrome while the former swaps this for all-black trims. If you ask me, I would rather choose the Sport design because of its fusion of black color aesthetics and besides, I’m not really a fan of chrome accessories, especially on the 20-inch wheels. However, feel free to choose your preference.

2023 Ford Everest Sport Interior Philippines

Regarding the interior, I first noticed the unique door handle that’s hidden in the grab handles. I personally liked this a lot because of how ergonomic it looks. Also, the seat was remarkably comfortable and cozy for me while the driving position was a great fit too! Adding to that, I really like the cup holders near the left and right air-conditioned. While driving my girlfriend home, our iced coffee was placed there which kept them cold and chilled. If you brought cold drinks, this Ford Everest got you covered. You don’t have to worry about them quickly getting warm.

2023 Ford Everest Sport Interior Philippines

Many new tech features were also added to the 2023 Ford Everest. One of the things that first captured my attention was the 10-inch infotainment screen. It amazed me because of its swift responsiveness whenever I clicked it, not to mention how user-friendly it is. Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also equipped as standard. However, there are some features such as the Auto Hold function for the electronic parking brake that needs to be accessed via a menu, which is way too many steps than if there was a button for it.

More importantly, I am grateful to Ford Philippines for granting me the FordPass privilege. I was really fascinated by this feature because this lets me access its features via a smartphone, such as the engine, horn, lights, and tailgate. Sweet! How the Everest is a perfect vehicle for dates based on its space and features

This has been probably one of the best dates I had with my girlfriend when I used the 2023 Ford Everest 4×2. This baby has brought us immense enjoyment on our coffee date. Not just that, it is the truck-based SUV that gave us so much comfort in our travels. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a comfortable ride but still want the ruggedness of a truck-based SUV, this is for you.

Chapter Antipolo

2023 Ford Everest Sport Philippines

To add, since the third row of seats is foldable to provide space for huge cargo, it also provides a wide place for us to enjoy coffee dates inside. So, if you’re searching for a perfect vehicle for your dates, especially this Valentine’s Day, consider the 2023 Ford Everest Sport 4×2. I would also like to thank the delightful coffee of Chapter Coffee in Antipolo, one of my favorite coffee shops around. If you’re looking for good coffee, you’re welcome to come here too!

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