Honda Civic, Civic Type R Awarded By Red Dot For Its Design

Honda Civic, Civic Type R Awarded By Red Dot For Its Design

The debate is finally over, the new Honda Civic and Civic Type R have been awarded by Red Dot for its excellent design.

The debate’s officially over. The new, 11th-generation Honda Civic was released with mixed reactions to its design. Some preferred its cleaner and simpler aesthetic while many think it’s the “odd-numbered generation curse” all over again. But this recent news from Honda should silence those who think the Civic isn’t a good-looking car.

Honda Civic, Civic Type R Awarded By Red Dot For Its Design

Honda is proud to announce that the Civic and Civic Type R were named Red Dot winners 2023 in the Product Design discipline of the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most respected design awards in the world. This is the fourth consecutive year since 2020 that Honda products have won a “Red Dot” award

Developed under the concept of “Sokai (exhilarating) Civic,” Honda says that their design team created a Civic with sleek and beautiful proportions while pursuing a spacious cabin that makes driving easier. The beltline with low and horizontally-oriented styling connects smoothly from the front hood to the rear end, creating a design that “communicates the dynamic and sporty driving experience this vehicle will offer”.

On the other hand, the Honda Civic Type R was created under the concept of “Ultimate SPORT 2.0”. The all-new Civic Type R was developed in pursuit of what Honda says is the “ultimate pure sports performance” realizing both speed–which is the essential value of a sports model, and driving pleasure, which appeals to the emotion of the driver.

The design team strived to create an exterior design that “emphasizes the low and wide packaging and expresses overwhelming speed and beauty.” The design is also very functional as it enhances cooling performance by enlarging the grille opening area and pursuing aerodynamic performance by featuring various aerodynamic parts, including the rear spoiler which adopted a side sill garnish and die-cast aluminum stays. Completing the Honda Civic Type R’s sleek look are the integrated rear fenders.

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