Remember The Honda Prelude? Here It Is Now As An Electric Coupe

Remember The Honda Prelude? Here It Is Now As A Hybrid Coupe

The Honda Prelude Concept revives an iconic nameplate and reinvented into the electric era as a sleek and sporty coupe.

UPDATE: A Honda representative has clarified on X (formerly Twitter) that the Prelude Concept is a hybrid and not an electric vehicle as originally reported. 

Electrification is the overarching theme at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show), and Honda is no exception to this trend. The new Honda Prelude Concept has been reinvented for the electric vehicle (EV) age, and while the Japanese automaker hasn’t confirmed whether it’s actually going to reach production, they did say that it’s a “production-intent” concept car.

Remember The Honda Prelude? Here It Is Now As An Electric Coupe

So, what can we expect from the Prelude when it actually does reach production? Well, that styling that you’re seeing here is going to be one of them. As far as concept cars go, this Prelude doesn’t look as radical as design prototypes normally are. That’s not to say that it looks boring. Far from it actually. Up front, the slim LED headlights are joined by an LED light bar that links the two lighting units, while a slim lower air intake is the only semblance of a grille you’ll be seeing in this car.

The side profile of the Honda Prelude Concept is also very clean and well-proportioned. Flushed door handles are the order of the day, as usual with modern electrified vehicles for aerodynamics and looks. It is also dimensionally larger than before, but then everything else has grown in size compared to its historical counterparts. The rear end is perhaps out favorite part. The LED light bar is surrounded by a black panel that somehow gives the rear end more visual interest. The roofline neatly tapers to the trunk area which contains an integrated lip spoiler. Overall, it’s quite a simple but neat-looking sporty EV that we certainly wish would come to life.

Very little else is known about the Honda Prelude Concept, including the interior which has also not been revealed yet. What we only know so far is that, yes it’s going to be electric, and that, according to Honda, will deliver the “‘joy of driving’ into the full-fledged electrified future and embody Honda’s unalterable sports mindset.”

If Honda decides to bring back the Prelude, would you want it to be a sporty EV coupe, or would you prefer it to have it with an internal combustion engine (ICE)?

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