Under The Spotlight: BMW 4 Series Coupe Now Available

The new BMW 4 Series is now available at all of BMW’s 8 dealerships. It was launched last night at BMW’s beautiful Autoallee Dealership.


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The BMW 4 Series is part of their new naming strategy, wherein coupes, convertibles, GranCoupes, and everything else in between, bear an even number (i.e. 2 Series, 4 Series, 6 Series). The new 4 Series is longer and wider than the 3 Series Coupe it replaces with shorter overhangs, giving it typical BMW proportions. It looks dynamic and well sculpted. The 4 Series also proudly carries BMW’s new face, wherein the headlamps and the now three dimensional grille are united with each other.


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The interior is also typical BMW, with a center console that is angled towards the driver. A 6.5-inch iDrive screen dominates the top of the center console. The interior can carry 4 passengers as well, enveloped in soft and supple leather.


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The BMW 4 Series that was launched is a 420d, which means it is powered by a 2.0 liter TwinPower Turbo diesel engine, which produces 184 hp and 380 Nm of torque. Power is delivered though a quick shifting 8-Speed Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shifters. BMW EfficientDynamics play a role in the 4 Series’ fuel efficiency. Regenerative braking, ECO PRO mode, Auto Start/Stop function, and a body that is designed to slip effortlessly though the air,the 4 Series promises to be a driver’s car without compromising fuel economy.


More engine choices will follow suit, including a more powerful 2.0 liter turbocharged engine (the BMW 428i). The price for this BMW 420d is P3.99M

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