Honda Wants To Bring Adrenaline To Your Christmas By Releasing The Jazz Mugen Edition

The Honda Jazz has always been a fun car to drive, especially on a twisty mountain road. Releasing a Honda Jazz Mugen edition seems to be an enticing idea, and it should be, since a Mugen variant will certainly up the ante of the Honda Jazz’s sporty character. With only 30 units available, the Honda Jazz Mugen is certainly not for everyone, and if you truly think you deserve a Honda Jazz Mugen for Christmas, then what are you waiting for? Santa Claus ain’t coming to your home to give you a new Honda Jazz Mugen.


Automatic transmission models of the Honda Jazz, or any other vehicle as a matter of fact, outsell manual transmission vehicles by a very huge margin, which makes this Mugen edition a treat. Priced at P908,000, it’s price is clearly off from Honda’s blue Jazz VX+ with the full Mugen treatment that they are now letting journalists take it for a drive. This is because, the base car of the Jazz Mugen edition is a base model 1.5 V with a manual transmission, which is priced at P778,000. This effectively means that there is a P130,000 increase over the standard model.

The Honda Jazz Mugen edition has a Mugen front grille, tailgate spoiler, 17-inch alloy wheels, complete with a wheel-nut-and-lock set, and an emblem. Only two colors are available. Rallye Red and Taffetta White.

Meanwhile, buyers of the Honda City will be in for a treat this Christmas. Honda will offer a Modulo organizing kit, which are essentially accessories that will further make the Honda City’s trunk a lot more practical than it already is. These freebies will be offered until December 31, 2014 only.


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