Volkswagen Finally Launches The Much Awaited Golf GTI

After the preview of the Golf GTI at the 2014 Philippine International Motor Show, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has finally been launched in the Philippines.


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The Volkswagen Golf GTI probably is a car that needs no introduction, but just to make sure everyone knows what’s up with this car, well here is its introduction. The Volkswagen Golf GTI has shaped the hot hatch segment for the past 30 years, delivering power and everyday usability unlike any other hot hatch. A true hot hatch should be fast, but liveable to be used everyday.


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On the outside, just to make sure you won’t mistake it for another Volkswagen, let alone a normal Golf, red accents at the grille are a reminder that you aren’t just dealing with a normal hatchback. Just so you know, there are differences in this model compared to the Taiwan unit previewed at the 2014 Philippine International Motor Show. Gone is the sunroof, but in return, the Golf GTI is now equipped with the original “Austin” design alloy wheels. Lastly, the GTI is equipped with a some bits of subtle body kit for aerodynamics and a more aggressive stance.


Making this hot hatch powerful but practical for everyday use is its 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine, producing 217 hp and 250 Nm of torque, propelling this hot hatchback from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds. Only one transmission choice will be offered in 2015, and it is Volkswagen’s excellent 6-Speed DSG dual-clutch transmission.

To make sure the Golf GTI has top-notch handling, it has a double wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar, and a multi-link rear suspension with stabilizer bar. Inside, creature comforts include keyless entry with push button start, and a touch screen “Composition Colour” infotainment system with Bluetooth, SD Cars, USB, AUX, AM/FM, and a reverse camera, just to make sure you won’t scratch the GTI’s ass. Keeping the driver and front passenger in check while both are subjected on the forces when cornering fast are a pair of power-adjustable sport bucket seats designed in its trademark “Clark” design fabric seats.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI in the Philippines marks the arrival of the original hot hatch in the country, and for now, the GTI is one of only three hot hatches sold in the Philippines, the other being the Mini Cooper S and Peugeot 208 GTI. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is priced at P2,290,000

Complete Specifications (Unchanged from 2014 PIMS)

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