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We’re Going Flat Out

Allow me to introduce the team of Go Flat Out for 2015

Who knew that a simple school project could translate into a year’s worth of content and writing? That just happens to be the case with Go Flat Out. Born in 2012 as a simple blog by car nut and college student, Isaac Atienza, it has grown over the years. From car launches, interesting news pieces in the automotive industry, to actual test drives and driving impressions of locally available car models, it was decided to branch out and create a bigger and badder Go Flat Out. Isaac wanted to take it further.

That’s where we come in. Allow me to introduce the team of Go Flat Out for 2015.

Providing a wealth of manufacturer and distributor contacts is James Tagle. He’ll also be in charge of test drives and will be doing a bit of reviewing and writing when he’s not behind the wheel. Having grown up in a family that’s all about automobiles, he has driven his fair share of performance vehicles, on and off the track. His insights from a performance driving perspective will be invaluable when it comes to reviews and first impressions.

For marketing and promotions, Paulo Bustamante will be at the helm. No stranger to test-drives, he’ll be able to provide us with an everyday look at cars and how they fit in our daily lives, whether as a daily driver, or a toy to be driven on the weekends. He’ll also be handling photo and video shoots for our features and reviews. Despite this being his first foray into automotive writing, he’s positive and open to learn new things along the way.

Lastly, you have yours truly, Nico Ylanan. I’ll be dabbling in test drives, reviews and handling the overall writing and content of the site, together with Isaac Atienza. I currently write for a car blog for one of the top automotive selling sites in the country and have done several independent articles relating to the automotive industry. I grew up on the track, still remembering the heydays of PTCC in Subic, with my father who was helping manage one of the top teams in the country. I’ll be providing my own ideas and opinions from a performance standpoint, as well as a regular everyday driver. Think of it as a mixed, fair bag of criticism.

Rest assured, we plan to deliver content that’s not only informative and interesting, but pretty damn funny, as well. We are all car nuts through and through, and we would love to take you on this automotive journey with us, sharing a ton of laughs and bloopers along the way.


The Go Flat Out team

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