BMW Philippines Launches The BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe

You simply can’t argue that the Germans always create new things. They created the car, thanks to Karl Benz, and now, they’re creating new types of cars. Well, this isn’t exactly a new type of car, with the original X6 being launched back in 2007, but what was thought by many people as unnecessary and pointless, Mercedes-Benz has followed suit with their new GLE Coupe. Well it seems that when it comes to creating new segments, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are always the ones that either follow or innovate, and in this case, it’s BMW that innovated. The new BMW X6 is now here, exactly one year after it’s global launch.


I originally didn’t like the BMW X6’s look, but this second generation brings it to a whole new level. The front of the X6 now carries the BMW family look, which includes the now three-dimensional grille, larger LED tail lights, and perhaps my most favorite design element is the character line the runs above the rear wheel arches, which makes the X6┬áhave a muscular rear design. While the changes from generation to generation are rather minimal, they do make the car look more cohesively designed overall, and especially in this brown paint they market the car with, I really think the BMW X6 looks awesome.


Inside, like the first X6, the interior design is shared with the BMW X5, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, because the X5’s interior is a lovely place to sit in, with lovely metal elements and leather upholstery on the dash and doors. It’s feels very expensive in here, and appropriately so, especially since the X6 costs a whopping P7,790,000.

Practicality isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind, especially if you have a roofline that’s more raked than the slopes of the Swiss Alps, but if you do care, the BMW X6’s interior space grows by 75 liters, to a total of 1,525 liter worth of cargo.

Powering the BMW X6 is BMW’s excellent 3.0 liter inline-6 diesel engine. It produces 258 hp and 520 Nm of torque, enough to propel this 2-ish tonne SUV, or rather SAC, from 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. Power is sent exclusively through ZF’s excellent 8-Speed Automatic to all four wheels. Efficiency is ensured through BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW’s suite of fuel efficiency technologies such as regenerative braking, air vents the open or close depending if the engine needs cooling, and gills on the side that is said to aid aerodynamics by reducing the air turbulence created inside the wheel well.

The BMW X6 comes equipped with BMW’s iDrive Professional, which means it has the high resolution 10.2 inch TFT LCD screen as standard, which is also equipped with navigation. Other features include power liftgate, dual zone climate control, Bi-Xenon Headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights, BMW’s typical Three-Dimensional LED rear lights, and a host of many safety features such as dynamic stability control and cornering brake control.

Is this perhaps your next SUV? Maybe we’d rather wait for the blood thirsty X6 M.

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