All-New Need For Speed: Payback Is A Case Of “If Fast & Furious 8 Was A Video Game” (With Video)

2 years since the last Need For Speed game was released, Electronic Arts is at it again with another new title called Need For Speed: Payback. Based on the trailer, Need For Speed: Payback seems to be a case of “What if Fast and Furious 8” was a video game.

As expected, just like the Need For Speed game of the same title before this year’s Payback, modifications and car customization is an integral part of the video game. As you free roam Fortune Valley, you will be able to discover abandoned cars, and you are given a chance to modify and customize these cars back to their pristine shape, or to the set up that you prefer for the car. As a matter of fact, there’ll be 5 different vehicle classes in the game, and your mission’s success will be dependent on the appropriate car you use in the missions. These classes are: Race, Drift, Off Road, Drag, and Runner.

Unlike past Need For Speed titles, however, Payback includes a plot where, you guessed it, an element of “Playback” or revenge takes place. Also, unlike past Need For Speed games, where you take control of a driver without a name, Payback necessitates you to control three characters named Tyler, Mac, and Jess, aptly named “The Racer”, “The Snowman, “The Wheelman”.┬áThese trio are up in arms against “The House”, a group that holds the city of Fortune Valley. The cops and casinos are on The House’s hands, too.

Need For Speed: Payback is due on November 10, 2017, for XBox One, PS4, and PC, while EA Access and Origins subscribers will have early access to the game, with 10 hours of the game being available on as early as November 2.

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