Honda Civic Type R Now For Sale In The Philippines

Yes, you heard that right. The Honda Civic Type R has just been put up for sale by Honda Cars Philippines, and is only limited to 100 units. A car that needs no introduction, the VTEC Gods from the heavens are singing their way down from the heavens as they being to accept reservations of the Civic Type R from July 11, 2017, with deliveries starting in September, 2017.

For decades, petrolheads have been wishing Honda Cars Philippines Inc. to bring into the country the high performance compact car, and finally, we can now say that we now have a Civic Type R in this side of the world. If the Civic SiR’s resale prices are any indication, this Civic Type R is sure to be a collector’s item, as only 100 units will be brought in by Honda Cars Philippines Inc., and in only two colors, the trademark Championship White and Rallye Red.

The Honda Civic Type R is a definite head turner. Up front is Honda’s signature “Solid Wing Face” which is finished in high gloss black,  large air intakes, and wide wheel arches hiding some wide, 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 245/30 R20 low profile tires. At the side, air intakes eject air out of the front wheel arches to cool the four-piston Brembo cross-drilled 350 mm brakes. The rear is distinctive, with C-shaped LED tail lights highlighting the profile of what is a humble Civic hatchback on steroids, finished off by a spoiler that splits the tailgate. A neat party trick is its vortex generators in the rear edge of its roof. These send air directly to the rear wing, creating downforce to keep the car stable and planted to the ground for maximum grip. Its three tailpipes? It’s all functional, too. You may think it looks ricey, but everything here is functional, and is something that will surely be copied by bodyshops all over the Philippines.

Inside, it is #blessed with the Civic’s roomy and practical interior, but with the aggression dialed up to 11. Red adorns the interior layout and comes with a R mode selector. Comfort is surprisingly palatable and usable everyday, as it eliminates all the crashiness in its ride despite riding in lowered suspension and 20-inch wheels with low profile tires.

Powering the Civic Type R is Honda’s Earth Dreams i-VTEC 2.0 liter turbocharged and direct injected petrol engine, pumping out 306 hp and a whopping 400 Nm of torque to the front wheels, with a limited slip differential taking care of how the power is put down to the tarmac. All this power is sent through a 6-Speed manual transmission, the only transmission choice available. Making easy work to novice drivers is a rev matching feature, wherein the throttle blips on its own whenever you downshift. If you know how to do a heel-and-toe, the feature can be turned off.

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