The All-New 2018 BMW M5 Is Both RWD And AWD, And We Love It! (With Video)

Still the benchmark among midsize luxury sport sedans.

The 2018 BMW M5 has finally been unveiled. Though we already know what it will look like due to the car being in the cover of the upcoming Need For Speed: Payback video game. The super sports sedan will have its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 14.


The BMW M5 is distinguished from its normal BMW 5 Series sibling with its wider wheel arches, huge lower air intakes, its more aggressive bodywork, and its signature carbon fiber roof. If you want a sunroof, the carbon fiber roof is deleted. As standard, the BMW M5 is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels that feature an Orbit Grey finish and BMW M specific tires. Inside those wheels are BMW M high performance brakes with BMW M blue brake calipers, six pistons at the front and a single piston at the rear. Optionally, there are the more aggressive 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels shown here, and customers can further up its performance ante by ordering the BMW M carbon ceramic brake package, which are almost completely immune to brake fade after hard sessions at the race track. These carbon ceramic brakes also reduce the car’s weight by 23 kg, and these brakes are identified by its larger brake rotors, and its gold BMW M brake calipers.


Inside, and its the typical mix of business class and athleticism. There’s of course iDrive with its gesture control and touch screen support, as well as other high tech electronic gadgets and gizmos expected from this class of cars. As standard, it comes fitted with Merino leather sport seats, and exclusive aluminum trim. Of course, there’s a wide variety of options, even opting for a completely leather interior, including the dashboard, door bins, and other parts of the interior. There are also optional BMW M multifunction sport seats that provide more adjustments and better lateral support.

The 4.4 liter M TwinPower Turbo twin-turbo V8 engine has been carried over, but is now producing 598 hp and 750 Nm of torque, and unlike before, where BMW M models used to have a 7-Speed M DCT Drivelogic dual-clutch transmission, the new BMW M5 will be the first BMW M to use the company’s ubiquitous ZF 8-Speed Automatic Transmission. BMW has ditched the dual-clutch transmission because the 8-speed transmission is now as fast as the DCT, whilst having zero of the drawbacks of a DCT, such as its jerky operation when at city speeds. Along with the new M xDrive all-wheel-drive system, the BMW M5 can rocket from 0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds, making it the fastest BMW M car ever.

BMW M cars have been known for their sharp handling and playful nature, and all of us have been worried that by being AWD, the car will loose its ability to make awesome slides. Thankfully, BMW knows this, and the AWD system can be switched to RWD. Purists have been worried that the AWD system will make the car heavier, but thankfully, the BMW M5 is actually lighter, at 1,855 kg. It’s not exactly a light car, but it’s substantially lighter than its predecessor’s 1,945 kg.



Early customers have the option to purchasing the BMW M5 First Edition, which features a Frozen Dark Red Metallic paint, shadow line trims in high gloss black, swapping of all remaining chrome details to gloss black details, and black 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels. The interior, meanwhile, includes the BMW M multifunction seats, high gloss piano black veneer, and an individually numbered plaque. The BMW M5 First Edition is limited to 400 units worldwide.

Pricing in Germany starts at €117,900 and the first edition is an additional €19,500.


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